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Zebra Win WMS & Inventory Management Software Award

Posted by Steve Northcott

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November 25, 2015 at 5:49 AM


Zebra has won the prestigious WMS & Inventory Management Software Award at the Logistics Business IT 2015 Awards.

The award, which highlights the success of Zebra’s Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology, was presented at an awards ceremony in London hosted in front of Manufacturing and Supply Chain professionals from all over the country.

New Call-to-action Launched last year, the Logistics Business IT Award Scheme focusses on showcasing excellence within the industry and has won widespread industry acceptance. The awards were spread across nine different categories: ERP, Supply Chain Management software, Auto ID, RFID, mobile computing, wearable devices, voice technology, and printing and labelling. In addition, other categories focussed on the manufacturing, retail, wholesale, consumer goods and food sectors.

The WMS & Inventory Management Software Award is presented to an organisation that has developed a software solution which has shown outstanding results and success in a number of areas. Zebra’s RTLS technology enables real-time dnamic staging. It encompasses several automated identification (auto-id) technologies that use wireless signals to determine the precise location of tagged assets. The solution itself encompasses a variety of products, Dart Tag, Dart Hub, Dart Sensors, Visibility Server Software and WhereCall.

A key reason why Zebra won the award were the vast benefits and clear ROI the RTLS technology delivered for their warehouse in Heerenveen. Following the implementation of the system:

  • All team members involved in assembling an order know where to bring items and when the order is complete, saving three minutes on total order search and staging times
  • Reconfigured items no longer linger in the aisles, decreasing congestion and safety concerns thanks to the WhereCall alerts
  • Overall, Zebra achieved a 40% space saving reduction in the staging area
  • 450 hours of labour saving a month
  • Total savings of $20,000/month
  • Payback in just over 5 months

Zebra was also a runner up in the following categories:

Auto ID, RFID & Mobile Computing

Zebra’s Redema V2 application reduced delivery disputes by 73% for Reynolds at its unattended delivery outlets. Reynolds also achieved a 3% route efficiency improvement and increased the retention of reusable eco-friendly crates.

Print & Labelling in the Supply Chain

Zebra’s ZQ500 series printer was applauded for its ability to withstand wide operating temperatures and drops to concrete from up to 6.6 feet. In addition, its ease of use and simple integration, management and maintenance features saw the device come runner up for this award.

Logistics IT in the Consumer Goods & Food sector

The Redema V2 application and the results Reynolds have seen since implementing it were celebrated for a second time as Zebra came runner up in the Logistics IT in the Consumer Goods & Food Sector Award.

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