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Posted by Marie-France Dequeker

October 17, 2018 at 10:08 AM

Customers expect fast deliveries.

Customers expect accurate deliveries.

And customers of the leading Dutch car parts distributor, Sator Holding, get just what they expect.

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Sator distributes 164,000 SKUs from its 11 warehouses, delivering 1000s of orders daily to wholesalers and its own 85 branches, many within a 90-minute – yes, 90-minute – delivery window.

That’s impressive.

So, how does Sator manage it?

Sator has modern, automated warehouses, so the most popular items are picked directly from the automated stock and dispatch areas. However, these items still need to be checked at the staging and dispatch area.

So Sator needed the best-in-class warehouse device to scan its lines out of the warehouse.

It chose Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Mobile Computers because:

  • The TC8000’s design, with the larger screen and innovative scan angle that means the screen faces the user whilst they are scanning, eliminates the need to tilt and verify each scan, which delivers huge time savings for Sator
  • The hot swap battery means workers can quickly and seamlessly change the battery mid-shift, without powering down the TC8000 and without losing their work
  • The TC8000s are light, robust and reliable – perfectly suited to your warehouse workers and your warehouse environment

Lucien Verbrugge, Logistics Engineer at Sator, sums it up perfectly: “Zebra’s TC8000 was the obvious winner for our staging area, due to its high-performance scanning, handling and the increase in productivity it can deliver.”

Sator has deployed Zebra’s TC8000 in collaboration with its long-term partner, Indicium BV, who is also a Zebra Technologies partner.  Indicium has also installed a range of other devices and solutions from Zebra Technologies at Sator’s warehouses, including:

  • Zebra MC90 and MC95 Mobile Computers
  • Zebra LI and LS Series Barcode Scanners
  • Zebra ZT410 Industrial Printers
  • Zebra ZM Series and Z4M Series Printers
  • SOTI® MobiControl
  • ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise
  • Zebra Enterprise Browser

Zebra’s range and depth of best-in-class devices and sector-specific solutions ensures Zebra Technologies is the best partner for all your warehousing needs.

Why not contact us or find out more by visiting the success story?

Or, to learn more about Sator, Indicium, Zebra’s TC8000 and Zebra’s warehousing solutions, please click on these links.

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