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Posted by Hannah Moule

July 18, 2018 at 5:02 AM

Q-Park in Sweden has empowered its parking attendants, equipping them with Zebra TC75x Touch Computers and Zebra ZQ510 Mobile Printers, along with various charging and clip & carry accessories.

July01 - Empower Your staff

Q-Park manages thousands of car parks and parking spaces, for businesses, shopping centres, hotels, municipalities, airports and on public streets. Its attendants have very busy daily schedules.

Previously attendants had to juggle between devices, depending on the area they were patrolling, and often wait patiently for devices to process information or find a strong enough wireless connection. This was obviously affecting their efficiency, productivity and engagement.

The Zebra TC75x Touch Computers and Zebra ZQ510 Mobile Printers have since changed all that.

Long-term partner Signal Partners has been working closely with Q-Park to deliver the ZQ510 printers and the TC75x computers preconfigured with Svea’s Octavius software (for checking car parks and electronic tickets, and issuing parking fines) and SOTI® MobiControl, having also installed Q-Park’s SIM cards.

The results? Parking attendants can now:

  • Access any available network with continuous 4G connectivity and best coverage
  • Utilise just one printer and one touch computer for all processes
  • Process information and photos much more quickly and efficiently
  • Rely on their devices to be robust, reliable and work in all temperatures
  • Be confident the battery will last the whole shift
  • Get on with their job!

Needless to say, user feedback has been exceptional.

With the ease of remote management via SOTI MobiControl and many future plans for further utilising the TC75xs, Q-Park as a business is also reaping the benefits of increased operational efficiency and continuity, together with improved device deployment and management.

Rolle Stavlind, Application Manager Parking, Q-Park, summarises: “I firmly believe that having the right devices in your business makes all the difference. And our parking attendants now have just that; they are working more efficiently and effectively than ever.”

The deployment has been such a success that Q-Park Finland will soon follow suit and deploy the Zebra devices.

If you need to improve the efficiency and productivity of your mobile staff, why not find out more by contacting us?

Or to read more about this Q-Park deployment, please visit the success story (to be linked to DAM when live), or click on these links: Q-Park, TC75x Touch Computers , ZQ510 Mobile Printers, SOTI® MobiControl, Signal Partners

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