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WLAN: Why your industrial space may be behind the times

Posted by Rachel Hinde-Harris

April 27, 2015 at 4:36 AM


It’s shocking to think that even by conservative estimates, the WLAN in most industrial environments is some three to five years behind that of the carpeted space. While offices and stores have enjoyed state-of-the-art and seamless connectivity for years, warehouses, factories and logistics have lagged behind. 

Part of the problem is that IT executives may already believe they offer a WLAN to suit operations. One Forrester survey highlights the disparity perfectly. It shows that while 40% of IT execs claim seamless connectivity only 15% of Operations execs agree.

But this is just part of a much bigger problem: an inherent misunderstanding of the true challenges of industrial grade WLAN.

At Zebra, we believe a single, powerful network is possible – one that offers the connectivity required in both industrial environments and the carpeted space. The trick lies in understanding what a WLAN is required to do in industrial settings and matching the network accordingly.

That’s why we devised a way to determine those requirements quickly.

Watch our video to see how you can start to close the gap between the WLAN your offices enjoy and the WLAN you need to maintain industrial efficiency.

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