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Wireless networking: the platform for a digital future

Posted by Patrick Groot Nuelend

March 31, 2016 at 10:36 AM


I read Gartner’s 2016 Agenda Survey with genuine excitement - especially as it was drawn to my attention through this blog on LinkedIn.

If “excitement” sounds an over-the-top reaction to a piece of technology-related blogging, let me explain.

Of course, it’s always inspirational to see the rigour and detail that Gartner brings to its publications and then follow the debate they so often spark.

But what really grabbed my interest was the list of CIO Technology Priorities which emerged from my reading.

Specifically, the top 3:

  1. BI/Analytics
  2. Cloud
  3. Mobile

For me, those priorities simply scream: “wireless networking”.

It’s wireless networking which has facilitated the explosion in mobility dominating business communications today.

It’s wireless networking which is making possible the rapid expansion of cloud computing.

And, through sophisticated technologies like Zebra’s MPact platform, it’s wireless networking which is now powering the next generation of analytics by making it possible to extract valuable business intelligence from previously unimaginable volumes of data—even while it’s being gathered.

As the Gartner data shows, these priorities reflect the fact that the main focus for CIOs in 2016 is building out a platform approach for the better delivery of digital services.

A platform view of a business emphasises the value of connections and, increasingly, those connections are wireless.

In fact, 70% of all communication today takes place across wireless networks and that number is only going to grow.

This is good news for our industry in general and our partners in particular.

We’ve been delivering wireless mobility solutions for more than 20 years and we’re still innovating with products like the VX9000 virtual controller offering scalability, superior deployment flexibility, and centralised management of the entire wireless network through a single windowpane.

But it’s even better news for organisations and their customers.

With a management platform such as Zebra NSight, it’s eminently possible for businesses in every sector to fully leverage their wireless LAN and simplify network monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting.

And that means the customer experience can become more interactive, more targeted and more satisfying than ever before with mobility-powered analytics delivering insights into customer behaviours and driving real-time promotions and loyalty initiatives.

This is nothing less than a revolution in customer engagement.

And a genuine cause for excitement.

Topics: EMEA, Wireless LAN