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Who's next? Your cyber risk and what you can do

Posted by John Wyer

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May 17, 2017 at 9:04 AM



Are you exposed to security risks? 

Security has never been a bigger priority.

As we’ve seen all too vividly of late, a cyberattack can cause major damage to reputation, customer trust, and, your bottom line. Outdated IT systems leave the door open for hackers and cyber criminals. And the mobile space could be the next target.

Enterprises need to be proactive to understand the security risk and take the appropriate proactive and defensive measures that protect your data, your devices and gives you peace of mind.

LifeGuard™ for Android™ is Zebra’s software security solution that extends the lifecycle of Zebra Android enterprise mobile computers. It adds years of OS security support to bring your devices into line with the enterprise hardware lifecycle, helping your business significantly lower total cost of ownership.

The escalation in new cyberattacks demands that enterprise mobile computers have access to the latest security updates. Typically, consumer OS security updates end after 36 months, well short of the 5+ years of service life that you require. This gap can leave your business exposed to a growing number of security risks. LifeGuard changes that.

Extended security support gives periodic security updates and legacy OS security support when transitioning to a newer OS. LifeGuard makes the updates easy to install either locally, or remotely via Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and can be done by your own IT team or via your services partner.

As part of Zebra’s Mobility DNA portfolio of enterprise software, LifeGuard comes as standard on select Zebra mobile computers. It ensures that you can use our devices for longer with the assurance of comprehensive and updated security than comparable models.

To learn more about safeguarding your mobile devices, watch this video https://www.zebra.com/us/en/products/software/mobile-computers/lifeguard.html

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