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What’s the secret to flawless fulfilment?

Posted by Rachel Hinde-Harris

April 20, 2015 at 6:37 AM


It might sound like the opening line from a celebrity in a cosmetics advert but it’s actually a question that’s fundamental to the success of most enterprises. 

Fulfilment of your customer orders is critical to customer satisfaction. And your warehouse is the one that could play the starring role. But there is a big difference between having a warehouse and running that warehouse efficiently.

Today’s warehouses are complex environments that must combine industrial-grade processes with mobile, real-time technologies. They also affect almost every aspect of the business – from inventory management and employee activity right the way through to ROI. Yet many warehouses remain technically fragmented, with technology only available in a few workflows.

The result is inaccurate information passing around the business, reduced productivity and a lack of visibility. This leads to greater costs, longer cash-to-cash cycles and (the worst of them all) lower customer satisfaction. 

The secret of flawless fulfilment in your warehouse is technical and operational integration across all your processes and workflows. That is where our six steps to flawless fulfilment come in: 

Step 1. Deploy industrial wireless solutions to create a more dynamic operation

Step 2. Improve staff communications and management so people work together better

Step 3. Streamline order picking process so you can deal with increasing volumes

Step 4. Advance inventory and storage capabilities to improve visibility and cut errors

Step 5. Upgrade inbound handling operations so receipt and sortation is smoother

Step 6. Turnaround outbound handling performance so the ‘last mile’ doesn’t become the longest mile

Read more in our guide and see how you can optimised your warehouse so that its serves as the foundation for a more effective enterprise.

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