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What's New at HIMSS 2017

Posted by Andy Tippet

February 20, 2017 at 1:00 PM

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TC51-HC Series

In a previous blog we discussed all of the aspects of clinical mobility that can improve staff productivity and increase patient safety.  Solutions such as point of care data capture, clinical collaboration, and workflow enablement are all part of clinical mobility but none of these opportunities can be met without the right device. That device is the TC51-HC.  This is a tough device that will last for years with a contemporary design that looks and feels like a consumer smartphone and enterprise class scanning and data capture features to boost productivity.  It supports the Android Marshmallow operating system, with support for the next two versions (“N” and “O”).  Enterprise features to keep data and devices secure.  Best-in-class power, battery life and manageability. 

Reduce shift battery change issues with the PowerPrecision+ Replaceable Battery for Best-in-class 14-hour Power and Manageability.  There is fast recharge and warm swap ensuring clinicains maintain connectivity – no reboot.  Increase patient care with best-in-class hexa-core 64-bit power to deliver instant care instructions closest to the point of care. 

Perform all tasks including mobile computing, clinical collaboration, and data capture through one device.

Gain productivity with a device that is as contemporary and easy to use as a smartphone, but built with durability and medical grade standards for all-day, every day clinical use.  Manage inventory with ultimate 1D/2D scanning performance on nearly any surface. Connect all aspects of care including clinicians, patients, and the assets used in their care. 

DS8100-HC Series

Whether it is in admissions, the lab, the pharmacy, the OR, the ED, or even at point of care at the patient bedside, hospitals have for years employed data capture devices that make the acquisition of critical patient and asset information seamless and easy.  To meet these data capture needs Zebra is announcing the Premium DS8100-HC series to ensure unparalleled performance on virtually every barcode in any condition.  When it comes to fitting into your existing workflows, the DS8100-HC Series shines. Two cradles enable easy mounting on a Workstation on Wheels (WoW) or in a patient room. A built-in light enables the DS8100-HC to double as a lamp, eliminating the need to turn on the room lights in the middle of the night. A first-of-its-kind housing offers maximum protection against the spread of bacteria. A paging button on the cradle makes it easy to locate a misplaced scanner. And the cordless DS8178-HC offers a superior wireless experience that delivers full-shift power for every shift, every day — the PowerPrecision battery enables the capture of over 75,000 barcodes in a single charge, an exclusive battery charge gauge for at-a-glance accurate battery status and Wi-Fi Friendly Mode eliminates Bluetooth interference, protecting wireless LAN service levels for caregivers, workers, patients and visitors.  We will be featuring that is in our Clinical Operations, Point of Care space, and What’s New at HIMSS stations in booth #2197.  

Silver Line Labels

The Silverline Solution is ideal for on-demand RFID asset tagging for all surfaces, including metal and liquid-filled containers – contained throughout healthcare facilities. The benefits of RFID are well known in healthcare. RFID systems—labels, printers and readers—enable inventory and equipment tracking in real time, helping you make maximum use of virtually all your assets. Solving the Problem: Easily Identify Metal Assets and Liquid-filled Containers There has, however, been one glaring RFID gap. RFID read performance deteriorates significantly when a traditional RFID label is applied on a metal surface or to a liquid-filled asset. This limits the use of RFID technology for tracking valuable assets like tools, IT equipment, returnable containers, medical devices and equipment and liquid filled containers.

An Innovative Total Solution To produce an effective read range, tags must be slightly thicker than traditional RFID labels, making them incompatible with standard thermal RFID printers. Now Zebra and Confidex have partnered to release the first solution for printing and encoding on-demand RFID labels for all your metal and liquid-filled assets.   The combination provides for excellent print quality, encoding accuracy and ease of solution deployment and use. Silverline labels, offered exclusively by Zebra, are available in three sizes to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications.

To see all of these new solution components get a booth tour at #2197 on the HIMSS floor or visit us on zebra.com/healthcare

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