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Visionaries in Visibility: Beyond Big Data

Posted by Zebra Global

September 22, 2016 at 8:30 AM

We’ve all heard the buzz phrase “big data.” It refers to the practice of collecting information on customers, operations and other key data sets in your business. But what many companies forget is that in order to benefit from big data, you can’t just collect the data – you need to be able to analyze it and act on it to improve your business. Until recently, this has been no small task. 

Enterprise Asset Intelligence

That’s where Zebra can help. Our Enterprise Asset Intelligence solutions give you operational visibility across your entire business and provides crucial operational, market and customer insights. Our solutions enable you to know everything you can about your business, to simplify and streamline operations and to empower your mobile workers. Our solutions help you to sense, analyze and act upon events in real time, helping you make smarter and faster decisions. 

Sense, Analyze, Act

Sense: Gaining Visibility into Your Business

Through unrivaled expertise in sensors and device connectivity, Zebra helps you connect devices to software and to your mobile workers, enabling you to know what's going on in your enterprise.

Analyze: Enabling Real-Time Data and Analytics

Easy access to an unprecedented amount of data allows you to plan effective short- and long-term strategies. Zebra helps deliver real-time insights into the critical data captured by the sensors in your connected devices.

Act: Arming Mobile Workers in Real-Time

Your large and growing fleet of mobile devices enable mobile workers to act on these visibility-driven insights in real time.

Visibility Solutions at Work

Zebra is already working on developing the next generation of Enterprise Asset Intelligence applications designed to help you take your operations to a whole new level. Zebra is developing an augmented productivity solution that allows workers to easily view critical job instructions and operational data in real-time. With this solution, employee training will become a thing of the past – because all the information workers need to do their jobs is right in front of them.

Zebra is also working on developing devices that can “see” better, such as mobile scanners that not only recognize RFID and barcodes but also have object recognition capabilities. So, for example, a Zebra scanner could actually capture the dimension of a box in a warehouse, thus allowing trucks to be packed more quickly and efficiently.

Zebra is focused on using visibility to automate operations across a large spectrum of areas. Consider this: The World Health Organization estimates that as much as one-third of all food perishes in transit because its temperature is not properly controlled. Smart sensors can fix that problem by continuously monitoring the food’s environment and automatically adjusting truck temperatures if temperatures rise or fall to unacceptable levels and eliminates any risk to the safety of the food.

The bottom line is that big data is only effective when it delivers big business insights. That’s why you need a partner who takes you beyond just collecting information and helps you turn that information into actionable Enterprise Asset Intelligence.

Visit zebra.com/visibility to find out how Zebra's visibility solutions can help your enterprise.

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