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Top Five Compelling Reasons to Attend APPFORUM 2015

Posted by Ritesh Gupta

July 16, 2015 at 3:00 PM


This post originally ran on Zebra's developer community, Launchpad

Word of mouth is starting to spread about APPFORUM 2015, the two-day event that Zebra Technologies is hosting from September 21-23 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  Returning by popular demand, application developers from Silicon Valley to the East Coast come to APPFORUM to learn from the best and the brightest about the latest technologies that Zebra has to offer.  It’s the year’s most bullish reason to escape from behind the screen. 

Of course we have the basics covered. You’ll feast like royalty during the event, and drinks, snacks, java and swag are all on us. We’ve also booked a sweet Vegas venue that is offering a ridiculously low room rate. We wouldn’t want you to expect anything less from the Zebra.

But it’s the value that a conference promises—the learning and the networking and that certain element of buzz that builds when smart people with fresh ideas spend time together in the same room—that drives prospects to attend an event. And APPFORUM gives value in spades.

Consider these highlights if you need a bit of convincing:

  1. Zach Shelby is the Keynote. This evangelist for the Internet of Things is renowned for his tireless efforts in developing IoT technologies and standards. (Here’s Zach talking about the tricked out coffee maker ARM mbed created to demonstrate the practical nature of IoT inventions.) Tom Bianculli and Joe White—both thought leaders in the technology and mobile computing arena—will also be on the podium and sharing face time with the crowd.
  1. New Technology that is Seriously Game-Changing. Hone your cutting edge as you learn about the absolute latest ways of connecting the physical to the digital.  As we make the revolutionary possible in terms of asset management, task management, network management and the workforce strategy, it is critical for developers to understand the vital role they play in creating solutions for the enterprise.    
  1. Something for Everybody. Whether you’re an experienced developer or new at the coding game, something at APPFORUM is sure to pique your interest. The schedule consists of brief, rapid-fire Lightning Talks as well as deep-dive, hands-on Workshop Sessions that focus on IoT, RFID, Android, printing, strategy, wireless, RhoMobile,  vertical markets and emerging technologies topics. When we say ‘something for everybody,’ we mean precisely that.   
  1. Not Just any Old Hackathon. After awarding drones to the 2014 winners , we’ve upped the Hackathon ante in a major way. Instead of the traditional, caffeine-and-sugar-fueled all nighter (where you get mere hours to develop your entry) this year’s challenge will allow you to go the distance one mile at a time by giving contestants several months to create a winning Hackathon entry.  The idea is to get you working ahead of the game so that you come out to APPFORUM with a successful, completed project that you present to the judges in Vegas. To sweeten the deal, the first 100 developers who register for the Hackathon will be given access to some unique components that they can use to create their Hackathon submission. 
  1. Board the Enterprise So We Can All Live Long and Prosper. Zebra is opening its arms—wide—to the new generation arriving on the developer landscape for the unbridled creative force that they bring to the table.  As masters of the B2B space with answers to Android criticism and ways to address customers’ pain pints, Zebra welcomes these early adopters to work together and unlock the revenue potential that exists at the enterprise level.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you know you should accomplish now. Join your fellow app developers who are making plans for APPFORUM and start looking forward to learning about ways to build a new generation of enterprise-centric, multi-platform apps.  Reserve your place today.

As a Global Technical Enablement Lead with Zebra Technologies, Ritesh Gupta is an avid technology enthusiast with over 16 years of experience in web technologies, mobile computing, RFID, data capture, wireless and Enterprise management solutions. He is a technical evangelist who is passionate about the latest technologies, loves to solve real world technical issues and is actively sought after for his solution guidance and implementation expertise.

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