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The TC8000: The ergonomic way to find new Warehousing efficiencies

Posted by John Wyer

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March 17, 2016 at 7:14 AM


When developing the TC8000, our new all-touch industrial mobile computer, our design guys spent a lot of time observing teams in warehousing and logistics operations. Based on those observations, they set themselves a number of objectives.

In this blog I look at how, by addressing five of these goals, the TC8000 will help boost productivity. And in a second blog, I’ll look at five other improvements that make it easier – and more comfortable – for people to use the device for long periods.

  1. Help users do more

With today’s gun-style mobile computers, users scan a barcode, tilt the screen to see if the scan was a success, enter data and repeat. We noticed that this ‘tilt to view’ is a wasted action that costs time.

We’ve removed it with the TC8000 as the screen faces the user at all times, when scanning – they simply pull the trigger to scan and view the data. Removing the tilt across every scan may appear to be a little time saving. But it results in big efficiencies and is one of the main reasons why, on average, the TC8000 can boost productivity by 14%.


  1. Support no-touch scanning

Users prefer to keep their hands as free as possible when picking. The TC8000 supports this with a built-in proximity sensor in the rear of its screen. So when the device is attached to a cart, trolley or belt, users can simply pass items within range of the sensor to automatically scan them for a more convenient and faster way to pick.

  1. Provide a full shift partner

Having to change batteries is an inconvenience that costs time. We set out to ensure that the TC8000 lasts well over a typical shift – on one charge – and built in a wide range of smart power management functions. Tests in our own warehouse have shown that the TC8000 often lasts up to three shifts on one charge. The battery’s also easy to change and hot swappable so it can be replaced with one hand and remain connected to the host systems during the changeover removing the need to re-login.  

  1. Customise to preferences

Users can customise the TC8000 to their apps using programmable triggers on the top of the device and handle. The main trigger will be used for scans while the second is programmable and might be used, for example, to operate the camera, so making it easy to capture any data using one-handed operation.

  1. Support new applications

Apps are, of course, what bring a mobile computer to life and we’ve included new features in the TC8000 that provide a versatile canvas for developers to create new apps. A good example is the optional 8 megapixel camera that could, for instance, allow you to capture images for document capture, packaging and damage evidence.

In my next blog I’ll look at how we’ve made the TC8000 a comfortable companion to work with and carry all day.

For more on the science behind our productivity data please download our White Paper.

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We’ve also created a video showcase on the TC8000 where I walk you through its design, features and benefits. The showcase further talks through our range of industrial mobility products including enterprise Wi-Fi, and, printers and how our apps and utilities make it easier to convert Android into a true enterprise operating system while helping you simplify the deployment, management and optimisation of your mobile devices. You can watch the videos here.

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