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Posted by John Wyer

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November 28, 2016 at 9:10 AM


The debate over whether to use consumer devices in retail’s been going on for years.  

Many customers who ‘went consumer’ are moving back to rugged computers. There a number of reasons for this but the main one is TCO: for every 1% percent rise in failures TCO goes up by 23%*.

But let me ask you a question is there a device that 100% meets the wishes of users to use smartphones, and, the demands of your business to invest in something that’ll last?

Let me press the case for yes.

Pictured above is our new TC51. Designed with retail in mind it looks and works like a smartphone. However, the comparisons end there. This is a device that’s ready to graft – from the shop floor to stock room, warehouse, delivery truck and more – it will help your teams be more productive and improve customer engagement, all while being cost efficient to own.

The intuitive Android OS reduces training costs and makes it easy to use key apps and features that include a bright 5-inch HD screen, a 13MP camera, an integrated 1D/2D scanner with a long working range, and Android for work apps. The TC51 can help your teams:

  • Improve customer service: Equipped with your apps staff can access everything they need to assist customers without leaving their side – checking stock, creating orders taking payment and more. Also, the TC51 can be just tapped to pair with Zebra printers so if staff need to print a customer receipt they can easily do so from the nearest device. What’s more, as we can customize the computer with your logo, the good looking device and strong service experience will create favourable brand perceptions.
  • Enhance merchandising: The HD performance of the large 5-inch touchscreen will help your merchandisers view videos and images to dress the store as you intended.
  • Work better together: With its integrated Workforce Connect client, your teams can simply push to talk and instant message colleagues or groups while also accepting and making calls to mobile phones. This means you can replace DECT phones, pagers, and mobiles, with the TC51 – with significant potential hardware and subscription savings.
  • Optimize processes: With its omnidirectional scanner and ability to scan 1D/2D codes in any condition the TC51 will help your teams price, replenish and stock count quickly and efficiently.
  • Work the shift and beyond: The TC51 will work for up to 14 hours but it can go on and on too with batteries that are easily swapped by the users.

To make it easier to deploy, maintain and use, The TC51’s backed by our Mobility DNA software suite. This includes a range of tools to simplify application development, ease the roll out (and cost) of new software, strengthen Android so it’s more secure, and provide a range of ready to go apps.

Some highlights include making it easier for users to share devices by creating log-ins that take them to their apps and data, turning the screen into a virtual scan button, remotely monitoring battery performance and creating an ‘app store’ where users can download an approved list of your apps.

The TC51 is also powered by a 64-bit hexa-core 1.8GHz processor. This ensures that it’s ready to run more advanced apps that may become available well into the future. And, along with all Zebra devices, it will be supported over multiple years.

Productivity has never looked so good.


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