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The power behind purpose-built enterprise mobile technology

Posted by David Stain

May 12, 2015 at 11:36 AM


When it comes to guaranteeing peak performance for your field workforce, the decision to just purchase and deploy a mobile device is not enough. Unless your devices are optimally matched to your enterprise requirements and environment they can hamper the productivity and efficiency of your employees and lead to an increased, unanticipated spend on additional software and replacements. Ultimately, this can substantially limit the benefits your mobile technology investment will deliver to your customers and your business.

This second part of our two-part blog series on the hidden costs of consumer-grade devices explores the benefits of opting for enterprise mobile technology.

If your business wishes to maximise end user productivity, protect your investment and comply with IT standards, then purpose-built mobile technology is the best option. Enterprise-grade devices are engineered to support specific business use cases and requirements and are available in a variety of configurations with varying operating systems, keyboard, screen size and connectivity options, giving you total control over the capabilities of your device.

Get access to the latest technologies without having to deploy a new range of devices

As mobile technology evolves and new features become available, your organisation is likely to want to take advantage of these new capabilities to improve the productivity and efficiency levels of your field workforce, and to ensure you continue to deliver a return on your initial investment. Consumer-grade devices, however, are not inherently designed to accept add-ons or upgrades of the latest technology. Instead, they can become obsolete or unusable, forcing you to purchase the newest version of the device in order to gain access to the latest technology.

Conversely, enterprise-grade solutions provide access to the newest technologies without needing to deploy brand new devices. They will enable new technology to run on old devices and vice versa, allowing you to keep the same operating systems and applications running on all your devices, no matter which model or version you are using. In addition, you will have the ability to easily switch from one operating system to an updated or completely different one as your requirements and needs change over time, without having to deploy new devices.

Another consideration is that enterprise devices can come with simple connectivity protocols such as NFC. These protocols enable simple and user friendly connectivity to other peripheral devices such as printers (touch to pair), thereby reducing set up time at the start of shifts or simplifying swap outs.

Reduce downtime with durable, reliable devices and an effective support strategy

Despite enterprise-grade devices being known for their durability and reliability, even the most intelligent products need a maintenance plan and support strategy, so when an accident happens – which inevitably it will – you know that the support you need to keep your equipment running at peak performance is immediately available.

Choosing a purpose-built solution will give you access to various options that will ensure you reduce any possible downtime and minimise its effects on your business. You may consider investing in a holistic support programme to eliminate the worry of having a device out of use. In addition, being proactive when staying on top of the condition of your devices is another key element of minimising downtime. An enterprise-grade device will support a device management tool that will keep you informed of the health of all your devices enabling remedial work to be carried out before any failure occurs.

Ultimately, implementing inadequate technology can waste resources, hinder productivity and reduce your company’s competitive advantage. Therefore, when faced with the hidden costs of consumer-grade technology, the substantial benefits of a purpose-built solution make enterprise-grade devices the obvious choice for your business.



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