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Posted by Mark Smith

April 4, 2016 at 10:20 AM

Meeting customer expectations in a wireless world


It is the age of the customer. Giving people the right information at the right time – wherever they are – is not just desirable. It’s expected.

Customers are playing their part. Wherever they go, they take smartphones that actively seek out networks. To play your part, you need to provide the WLAN they’re looking for.

This fact is not lost on companies in retail, logistics and hospitality. According to a new Forrester study, more than half of businesses in these sectors are refreshing their Wi-Fi. It makes sense. More and more exchanges with customers are taking place through mobile devices.

And no one is immune. As a luxury hotel on a tropical island, the Grand Hyatt Kuai might have expected a connection with the outside world to be low on guests’ priority lists. But guests were unhappy with its underperforming WLAN. Once it fixed the problem with the latest Zebra technology, customer ratings shot up.

Turns out people want to be connected, even when they’re getting away from it all.

Clearly customers want reliable, fast wireless connections. But security is also key. At least, that’s what IT managers think. 82% say improving mobile security is a high priority. Only 66% of business managers say the same. This hints at a possible internal conflict firms have will to overcome when they come to upgrade their wireless.

As more interactions take place over mobile networks, a dependable infrastructure will be critical to dealing with customers on their terms. And keeping customers happy is likely to be the driving force behind the decision to upgrade.

But there are other benefits to improving wireless networks. The Forrester study found it helps companies make decisions faster and work more efficiently. Of course, this all feeds back into what you can offer customers. Take a look at the study for further insights into the value of refreshing your infrastructure.

Ultimately, getting the right wireless set-up is about being available to your customers when they need you. Fail to be there, and the moment (and your customer) could be lost.