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The Award-Winning Scanner design that helps your teams do more

Posted by John Wyer

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October 2, 2017 at 8:33 AM

DS8100 scanner works across various industries

The humble barcode has come far, there are billions of them in the world driving fast and accurate data capture. 

But they’re not always easy to read. They may be hiding under shrink wrap or presented by customers on smartphone screens. Furthermore, barcodes moving across supply chains can be damaged. The code may be torn by being rubbed against other goods, it may get damp as it’s loaded on to a truck and once in the warehouse, it may be exposed to hot or cold temperatures that cause condensation.
While high-quality barcode labels mitigate these problems, barcodes are not always easy to capture. Every failed read leads to inefficiencies across sectors where barcode scanning is essential, from the shop floor to the warehouse, to the manufacturing plant, to hospitals and beyond.

Step forward our new scanner, the DS8100, whose smart design has just been recognised with two accolades – a Red Dot award, that acknowledges design excellence, and an A’ Design Award that recognises the best designers, architects, engineers, design studios, and brands for innovative design.

Data capture that’s faster and more convenient
The new DS8100 is designed to capture data in faster, more accurate and convenient ways. A hat-trick of fast processor, high-quality imager and advanced algorithms combine to help your people capture more codes first-time, including those under shrink-wrap or those that are faded, dirty, distorted, poorly printed, and crinkled. It has other features too that make the scanner a trusted data capture companion for your teams, such as:
  1. Capturing any code: Your people don’t need to worry what type of codes they’re capturing. The DS8100 can capture pretty much anything, including dense codes and electronic codes presented on watches and smartphones screens (to support the emerging range of loyalty applications.) It’s also ready for the future with the capability to read Digimarc ®codes.
  2. Scanning in any direction: The scanner can be simply lined up in the approximate direction of the code. This is especially useful – and convenient – where your checkout teams may be scanning devices directly from shoppers’ carts, or in warehouses where users need to quickly process large numbers of items.
  3. Unstoppable performance: The DS8100 can capture any number of codes simultaneously, in one trigger press – and only transmit those, and in the order, that your application needs – to accelerate data capture. And with a 24-hour battery life (with a level indicator so users know when to put it on charge) it will scan through the shift, and beyond. It also has an alert that will let you know if a battery needs to be replaced, thereby preventing the need to send devices to the service desk.
  4. Simple management: Designed with your IT team in mind too, the DS8100s can be easily configured and set up. They can also be remotely managed through a tablet or desktop computer, to view things like how batteries are charged and assist users in taking better care of their TC8100s to prolong their lifespan.

From enhancing workflows across the warehouse and manufacturing plant, to accelerating check-out queues, and improving customer service in hospitality, the DS8100 is ready for today’s data capture needs and tomorrow’s too.

It also comes in a special healthcare version too – the DS8100-HC. Recognising the unique demands and pressures of the sector, the HC model has a range of smart features to help optimise patient care, including a first-of-its-kind housing for optimum protection against the spread of bacteria, flexible user-selectable feedback modes – so as not to disturb patients – and a magnetic cradle for secure use on a COW. 

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