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TC55: Protecting the Protectors

Posted by John Wyer

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August 30, 2016 at 12:30 PM

Companies that provide security guards face common issues: how do they protect their lone workers and how do they prove that walk-arounds have been completed and staff have conducted safety checks?


For Risk Management Security Services (RMSS), a market leader in security services to private and public sector organisations in the UK, mobile technology provides the answers.

Mobile apps

The company has deployed the SmartTask security guard management solution produced by specialist developer Skillweb across its personnel. The SmartTask Security app enables the company to plan and monitor the activities of its guards in real time. They access a checklist of actions to be performed on their shift: for example, to check an alarm is activated or a certain door at a property is locked at the end of the day and unlocked again in the morning. Tasks can be updated from the control centre at any time and controllers can redirect guards or alert them of missed actions.

RMSS initially deployed the software on a consumer smartphone. But they soon found that the phones were unable to keep up with their users’ demands – devices need to work all day and could be knocked or dropped leading to a high-degree of failure that was starting to impact business performance. With this in mind RMSS looked for a tougher and more dependable device – but still one that would be easy to use.

Step forward the TC55

Skillweb recommended that RMSS moved to Zebra Technologies’ TC55 Touch Mobile Computer. This pleased the guards who love the fact that, while the TC55 is rugged, it’s also sleek and discreet and works like a smartphone. As they make their rounds, they use their TC55’s near field communication function to confirm that they’ve completed tasks, receive jobs, record images to attach to any reports of problems – such as a broken window – and more. All data is logged with the control room in real time, as are incident reports that are automatically sent to pre-programmed recipient lists. Customers can access all information online including records of all guard activity.

And critically, in case of injury, or a break-in, guards can use the TC55 device to trigger lone worker alarms with GPS coordinates sent to controllers so help can be sent quickly.

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