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Supply chain visibility: your logistical lifeline

Posted by Zebra EMEA

August 28, 2014 at 8:39 AM


It can be pretty scary sending your goods off around the globe – or even domestically – with no guarantee it’ll arrive at its destination in the same state as you saw it off in… if at all. Imagine you’ve sent off a huge shipment of electronics that arrive at a retail store, but when they arrive, the purchase manager complains that the products are counterfeit. Imagine you’ve delivered a crate of dinnerware, and it arrives as a box of broken china. Or imagine you’ve distributed fresh vegetables that turn up… not so fresh.

All of these scenarios, and more, could be devastating for your business – because no one’s going to pay for damaged, lost or delayed items, whether you’ve paid to ship them or not. And no one’s going to buy from you again, whether the situation was your fault or ‘just one of those unfortunate things’.

But these scenarios – which are all too common for businesses across every industry – can be avoided. How? Thanks to technologies like RFID and barcodes that offer visibility throughout the supply chain.

RFID and barcodes don’t just enable this valuable visibility – it also offers efficiencies that can bring real business benefits. It can save the time you spend counting merchandise, and help you to make more informed decisions with real-time stock updates and smart inventories.

Let’s say, for example, you’ve sent a pallet of games consoles to a store that is due to run an offer on them. With increased visibility, you’ll be able to see if they’re not going to make it there on time – and can either send a replacement, or advise the store to delay on their promotion. Not only does this provide excellent customer service, but it also ensures that you receive continued business… and get paid.

RFID and barcode technology aren’t the only ways to improve visibility and secure everything you send. With Zebra’s Zatar technology, you can retain control over your consignments by managing devices remotely – like the one that detects the temperature of your delivery truck. This means you could adjust the temperature of the truck, and therefore keep your products at their freshest, making sure that your items reach their recipient exactly as you’d expect them to.

These exciting and innovative technologies are changing the way we deliver, on all levels. And if you’d like to find out more about them, or even start implementing them to make your logistics more cost effective and streamlined, be sure to visit Zebra at SCL event to discuss a solution unique to your needs.

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