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Posted by Hannah Moule

June 25, 2018 at 7:55 AM

So supermarkets need an efficient ordering and inventory management system.


NorgesGruppen is the largest grocery retailer in Norway, with over 41% market share and more than 40,000 employees. It used to have an ordering and stock system based on a manual process and an outdated web-based application running on old Windows mobile computers.

That no longer cut the mustard. What NorgesGruppen needed was a new, accurate, faster, future-proof system. So it developed its own Android and iOS application for its stores. That left just one dilemma: which device to run the new application on?

NorgesGruppen has chosen to deploy Zebra’s TC51 and TC56 Touch Computers.


Because they are reliable, robust, easy-to-use and handle, and yet offer high performance and enterprise functionality, such as the latest inbuilt generation scanner and camera; NorgesGruppen employees love them. And, with the new system, they can keep on working efficiently both on- and offline. The TC51s and TC56s are protected by a Zebra OneCare contract.

Remotely does it

NorgesGruppen retail chains account for circa 1,850 grocery stores and 650 convenience stores nationwide. With the Zebra devices spread far and wide, NorgesGruppen has successfully deployed SOTI® MobiControl to centrally configure, secure, update and manage the devices. Via Zebra OneCare, NorgesGruppen can also access Zebra’s LifeGuard™ software security Mobility DNA solution, which remotely extends the TC51’s and TC56’s life cycles and ensures they are always secure and running at their full potential.

The result?

Simple deployment and management

Productive, engaged employees

Faster, more accurate ordering process

An improved inventory flow to store

Well-stocked shelves

Satisfied customers, which results in repeat business and increased turnover

Pål H. Hamborg, Business Service Manager, NorgesGruppen Data AS, summarises: “The new solution has driven huge efficiencies and productivity gains across our stores. The project has been an unconditional success.”

If you are interested in finding out how you, too, could improve your in-store ordering and inventory management processes, visit the success story or contact us to find out more.

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