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October 16, 2017 at 6:30 AM

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When it comes to the warehouse, time’s money. Whether workers are logging deliveries, putting away, picking or packing, you need them to work as accurately, efficiently and quickly as possible.

Therefore, whilst creating our new touch computer for the warehouse, we wanted to really get under the skin of how teams work. Our design guys flew to the four corners of the globe, scrutinizing workers’ daily activities. They watched thousands of items being scanned, tracked the workflows of countless warehouse staff, and analyzed the way people move with and handle their technology.

The result is the TC8000 touch mobile computer. It offers a streamlined approach to scanning barcodes that helps workers save up to an hour of time each per day – one of the innovations that has seen it awarded a prestigious iF World Design Award, reflecting excellence in product design. 

A new angle on productivity

A typical warehouse employee’s work day involves repeated hand and eye movements as they search for and scan items. Standard warehouse computers have been designed with the scanner perpendicular to the display, so each pick involves tilting the device to scan, then tilting it back to check the screen. Over the course of a day, that adds up to a lot of tilting – and a lot of wasted time and energy.

To smooth this process, the TC8000’s screen faces the user while they scan. Workers no longer need to tilt their wrists back and forth to scan bar codes then verify, meaning 55% less wrist motion and 15% less muscle effort. That shaves up to two seconds off each scan.

And it isn’t the only way in which we re-thought the design for our TC8000:

Lighter, but no less rugged: Alongside reduced wrist motion, the TC8000 also saves muscle fatigue by weighing a third less than traditional scanners. But it isn’t any less durable. The rugged housing has been designed to endure 8 foot drops onto concrete, plus all the usual bumps and scrapes of the warehouse environment.

Accurate data entry: By opting for an all-touch keyboard instead of a push-button keypad, users can type up to 40% faster, with 60% fewer errors. Plus the large screen is engineered ‘glove-friendly’, and can be used when wet.

Flexible use: Scanning is quick and easy in any situation, thanks to multi-modal design. Workers can take advantage of wearable or mounted scanning, voice directed picking, and push-to-talk communications – all of which means the TC8000 is ready for almost any warehouse scenario.
Non-stop performance: The TC8000’s battery lasts for up to three shifts. But even if it needs to be changed mid-shift, there’s no need to power down – the ‘hot swap’ capability means users can change batteries without losing data or re-booting apps.

Alongside its design features, the TC8000 boasts our suite of Mobility DNA software. Mobility DNA includes a range of management, development and productivity tools to help your teams do more in less time, ease the roll out and management of your devices and strengthen Android’ security so it’s enterprise ready. For example, All-Touch Terminal Emulation (TE) turns “green screens” into elegant, graphics-based all-touch interfaces with no coding or modifications necessary.

For more, please check out the TC8000 touch mobile computer.

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