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Squeezing the Most from your Mobile Devices

Posted by John Wyer

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March 24, 2016 at 11:54 AM

As computer games titles are to consoles, movies are to 4K TVs and music to the hi-fi – so are apps to your mobile devices.

For while we make great devices designed for specific tasks from the warehouse to production line, you need engaging apps, and supporting solutions, to get the most from your hardware.

Take our new TC8000, touch mobile computer. It redefines the traditional gun-style computer format used in high-intensity scanning applications. It’s 33% lighter than traditional models. And, it achieves productivity gains of around 14% through a new way to scan and a smart and engaging interface.

But really, it’s what you run on it that brings it to life. What’s more, as with any mobile device, what you pay for it is only part of the life-cycle cost so it must be easy to deploy, run and maintain.

Making devices easier to use, own and run

Enter stage left, our Mobility DNA portfolio.

We created this ‘ready-for business’ suite of apps, dev tools and utilities to assist you in squeezing the most from your devices while reducing the time, effort and expense of running them. While you can check out what’s on offer here, I’ll spotlight three things:

  • Android for the Enterprise with MX Extensions: MX Extensions allows you to strengthen Android to complement its usability with features that enterprises need. These include security layers, enhanced application controls, and improved wireless performance, data capture and mobile device management capabilities.
  • Apps that achieve more: We offer a range of ready-to-go apps to help your teams do more – including push-to-talk communications and TekSpeech Pro that makes it easy to add voice directions to your apps.
  • Useful utilities: Among a wide range of utilities, All Touch Terminal Emulation (All Touch TE) is especially popular. With software developed exclusively for us by Wavelink, All Touch TE converts your green screen apps into engaging, modern, touch-based interfaces: interfaces that’ll be familiar to your users from their own smartphones. What’s more, you don’t need to change your back office, buy new middleware servers or do any coding – the conversion happens on the device.

The Mobility DNA portfolio helps your teams get the most from their devices by collaborating better together with colleagues, using engaging apps and working with interfaces they’re familiar with. Importantly, too, whether you’re running a handful, or thousands, of mobile computers, Mobility DNA provides piece of mind: that you can strengthen Android, enforce app policies and more easily manage and maintain your devices.


In our new video experience available below, I talk through Mobility DNA in a little more depth. I encourage you to spend time in the experience that also looks closely at the ergonomics of the new TC8000 and at our wide industrial range of mobile solutions including enterprise-grade wireless networks, printers, and mobile computers.

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