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Leveraging Mobility, Connectivity and the Internet of Things to Gain Asset Intelligence

Posted by Anders Gustafsson

November 20, 2014 at 8:10 AM


In an ever-growing world of mobility and connectivity between businesses, the people who operate them and the people they serve, finding the most effective way to get the highest value out of assets, people and transactions should be a priority for organizations. However, to get there, businesses need visibility into their day-to-day operations in order to improve them and drive business value.

With the Internet of Things (IoT) gaining serious traction in the enterprise, there is unprecedented opportunity for businesses to obtain this critical level of asset intelligence, to increase efficiency, reduce costs and deliver personalized customer experiences. And last month, Zebra took a significant step in ensuring that our customers can obtain this full intelligence, something we call Enterprise Asset Intelligence™, by announcing we have officially closed the sale of the Enterprise business of Motorola Solutions. This is a milestone for Zebra as we now offer our customers even more value through a powerful combination of mobility, cloud and IoT technologies.

Enterprise Asset Intelligence can provide businesses the clarity needed to maximize the value of their devices. The enhanced insight gained by doing so enables businesses to make smarter decisions in a more proactive manner. However, to ensure they have access to their devices for things like remote monitoring, management and data capture, businesses need to make sure their IoT solutions are designed to support the following:

  • Legacy and new devices
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Centralized and remote device management to allow for day-to-day provisioning, device setup and maintenance
  • Thorough application programming interfaces across a wide range of devices, while affording easy scalability and connectivity to the data center
  • Advanced analytics to process Big Data

Once technologies are in place, businesses must then be able to understand how to best take advantage of the incoming data. Analyzing data to make more informed, and even predictive decisions, can unlock greater business value. Additionally, it can lead to the implementation of better machine-to-machine communications, which can lead to an organization’s ability to optimize operations and build entirely new customer experiences.

Are you prepared to use the technology at hand and analyze the quickly growing data? Zebra is ready to help. Learn more on how to leverage the IoT and capitalize on Enterprise Asset Intelligence.

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About the Author: Anders Gustafsson became chief executive officer and a director of Zebra on September 4, 2007. Prior to joining Zebra Technologies, Mr. Gustafsson served as CEO of Spirent Communications plc, a publicly traded telecommunications company.

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