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IoT Technologies for a Smart Campus

Posted by Zebra Global

October 2, 2014 at 12:00 PM


More and more university campuses are becoming "smart", meaning that they are implementing IoT technologies to solve their pain points. They are asking questions like:

  • "How do I simplify the student registration process?"
  • "How do I create a safe environment?"
  • "How do I manage real-time access control?"
  • "How do I increase the efficiency of on-demand services?"

In addition to managing campus services and resources, providing a creative and collaborative environment, and protecting the students and staff on campus, the university administrators are being tasked to keep costs in check.  

Zebra offers advanced card-printing technologies and other intelligent solutions specifically for the higher education environment. Consider these applications:

  • Access Control
    • Fitness/recreation facilities
    • Academic/admin buildings
    • Residence hall access
    • Athletic events
    • Parking
  • Services
    • Library access and lending
    • Employee attendance or time clocks
    • Transportation on and around campus
    • Class attendance
  •  Payments
    • Meal plans in the cafeteria
    • Bookstore
    • Copiers
    • Vending machines
    • Laundry

What if you could offer a campus path that…

  •   Simplifies the registration process and reduces long lines?
  •   Creates a safer environment for faculty, staff, and visitors?

On a hardware level, the path to that solution includes a Zebra ZXP Series 7 or 8 printers that feature single and dual-sided wasteless lamination. This is a patented Zebra design that reduces the cost of lamination. Other features include high capacity ribbons that reduce down-time, wireless connectivity, and remote monitoring.

The Status Quo

Smart card adoption is accelerating. However, magnetic stripe cards and Prox cards are not going away in the next five years due to existing infrastructure and costs. Zebra is partnering with DigiOn24 to provide Prox encoder options for Zebra printers.

So why Zebra? The ZXP Series 7 takes card printing to a new level. You get:

  •   Increased efficiency – a single printer can help you serve 95 more students/hour
  •   Lower cost of ownership – 32% lower cost/card
  •   Less operator time adding supplies – 50% more ribbon/roll, 150% more laminate/roll

To learn more, visit the SMART campus today! For more information on Zebra's solutions for Higher Education, download the brochure:


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