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Small, but Powerful: Print Little Labels for Tiny Devices

Posted by Zebra EMEA

August 12, 2014 at 5:09 AM


We often think back to the days of briefcase-sized ‘mobile’ phones and colossal computers and laugh. It’s hard to imagine lugging around those heavy-duty devices now, with the rapid advance of technology seemingly shrinking our things more and more each year. The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming more widely adopted – and the tech we’re used to in our tablet gets fitted in our fridge.

As computers and components get smaller and smaller, so must their barcode labels: because compliance and counterfeiting are still big issues, no matter how tiny the item. And for things like electronics and jewellery, you need precise, high-resolution printing that will be effective on labels often as miniscule as 3mm (1/8”).

That’s where Zebra comes in. With two small-label, high-resolution printers – the 110Xi4 and the ZT410 – we’re well prepared for the future of barcoding, and we can help our customers to be, too.

Let’s start with the high-performance 110Xi4 printer. Well-known for its rugged durability, consistently outstanding print quality, long life and unparalleled reliability, even in the most demanding applications, the 110Xi4 supports little labels with 600 dpi print resolution and consistent registration. It’s RFID-ready, too, offering the ultimate in flexibility, quality and precision.

Meanwhile, our versatile ZT410 industrial printer, also with 600 dpi resolution, offers a wide selection of options for enhanced productivity in tough environments. Printing at 101mm-per-second, and featuring technologies including Ethernet connectivity, RFID-ready investment protection and XML-enabled printing, the ZT410 is an all-rounder for almost all applications.

Both printers are ZPL compliant, and feature large, easy-to-read LCD displays, which include Asian-language support. Plus, they’re backed by Zebra’s complete suite of software solutions for simple operation and complete compatibility.

Across every industry, from healthcare to retail, barcoding is destined to get more fine and fiddly. So make sure that you, and your customers, are prepared with the 110Xi4 or ZT410 today – and keep those dainty devices labelled, with precise registration time and time again!

Click here for more information on the 110Xi4 or here for ZT410.


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