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Posted by Steve Northcott

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November 26, 2018 at 3:00 AM

These days we all do things – like ordering the groceries, setting a date with the plumber or advancing the heating – on the go. Whether we like it or not, our personal life is truly mobile.


Similarly consumers use their smartphones whilst shopping to check available stock and compare pricing. And shoppers value connected store environments too. Bart Vos, Head of IT Helpdesk at Hubo, a leading DIY chain in Belgium, firmly believes in moving more and more processes to the shop floor. So staff can do things on the go, too. He explains: “We want our employees on the shop floor ready to serve customers. However, we also want them to be operationally efficient, so the answer was to equip staff with a mobile device.”

Working together with long-term Enterprise Mobility partner Dalosy, Hubo has deployed Zebra’s TC70 Touch Computers.

Who says size doesn’t matter?

An important point here – the size of the high-resolution screen of the TC70s enables Hubo to run an increasing number of more complicated apps on the TC70s, without compromising the user experience. Shop floor staff can now carry out more tasks and work more productively and efficiently, using the TC70s to serve customers, pick click & collect orders, check prices, promotions or stocks, and reorder.

Other reasons Hubo users love the TC70:

  • It’s an ergonomic, robust and reliable device, which can be used for multiple in-store tasks
  • It offers exceptionally fast scanning
  • It is very user-friendly and intuitive, resulting in immediate user uptake and adoption

And the whole solution is dishing up some huge business benefits:

  • Hubo now has access to real-time, accurate inventory information, which ensures efficient, timely stock replenishment
  • The ongoing cycle counting is improving inventory accuracy and saving time and costs
  • Introducing click & collect, with orders picked by shop floor staff, is increasing Hubo’s sales turnover
  • Customer satisfaction levels have increased, due to the ease of ordering, improved stock availability and best possible in-store customer service
  • Hubo has made a long-term investment in high-performance, long-life scanners, which is ensuring a lower TCO and a good ROI

Is it time to empower your shop floor staff too?

To find out more, please visit the success story or contact us. Or click on these links to read about Hubo, Dalosy, Zebra’s retail solutions and Zebra’s TC70 Touch Computers.

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