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Seven reasons to invest in ultra rugged scanners

Posted by Maria Casu

September 12, 2016 at 5:54 AM


How much can your rugged handheld warehousing scanners really withstand?

Will they survive an 8ft fall onto concrete, or submersion in water for half an hour? 

Then it might be time to rethink your choice of 2D scanner, because there’s a new, ‘ultra- rugged’ model out right now which also comes with more intelligent features—giving you even more value for your money and a scanner that’s really, (really) hard to break.

Here are just seven reasons to rethink ‘rugged’…

  1. Dust-tight, spray-proof and waterproof to IP67 standards

    From pouring rain and high-pressure sprays to coffee spills and chemical wipe downs, both corded and cordless models in the 3600 series are protected from dust and capable of withstanding complete water immersion up to 1-meter-deep for 30 minutes.

  2. Withstands falls of up to 8ft onto concrete

    As companies try to increase space utilization in their working environments, shelves get higher, mezzanine floors are appearing and more is crammed into the space available, This means that scanners could be dropped from ever higher heights – accidents happen! All the models in the 3600 series offer a best-in-class drop to concrete impact rating—23% more durable than any other scanner in this class. That’s in addition to being able to withstand up to 5,000 tumbles (or a distance of 3.3. ft).

  3. Extreme working temperature range

    Where battery performance often erodes in cordless models as the temperature drops, the 3600 series’ PowerPrecision+ battery is rated for the freezer with zero performance degradation over the entire operating temperature range. Corded models operate from -30°C to 50°C, while the cordless models operate from -20°C to 50°C.

  4. Easy scanning even with thick gloves

    The 3600 series has an oversized scan trigger for easier scanning for workers wearing thick gloves. A user-controllable, extra-loud beeper and vibration feedback makes sure users know when the item has been successfully scanned.

  5. Superior aiming technology and expanded working ranges

    Your workers can capture any size barcode at any length, in any lighting condition. All 3600 series models offer 30% more working range than competitive devices—everything from extra-wide barcodes just a hand’s-length away to those up to 21.3 metres away.

  6. Capture a range of information

    All types of barcodes, OCR, images, signatures  and direct part marks can be captured with the 3600 range—streamlining workflows and increasing process efficiency.

  7. Enhanced cordless connectivity

    Zebra’s Wi-Fi friendly mode—will scan Wi-Fi channels for one that is free to eliminate any interference.

The scanner even won the prestigious Red Dot Award for high quality design—no easy feat with a judging panel of 40 experts from around the world and entrants from 57 countries.

When demand keeps rising—along with warehouse shelving and the speed of products through the workflow—it’s vital to adopt more agile ways of working.

The 3600 series streamlines processes, scanning more quickly and accurately all while thriving in even the demanding places.

Find out more about how our enhanced 2D scanners can support your business. Visit http://online.zebra.com/getmoredomore-en.

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