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Significantly boosting warehouse productivity with Zebra Technologies

Posted by Alessandra Curzi

March 2, 2018 at 6:07 AM


Italian wire and cables manufacturer, General Cavi, has boosted its warehouse productivity by 15% since deploying Zebra Technologies TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer. 

That’s equivalent to:

  • Time savings of one hour per worker per day or
  • Three fewer devices being in operation at any one time across the six warehouses

General Cavi is so happy with the results that it is now looking at other usages for the TC8000 in its warehouses.


General Cavi is the first client in Italy to deploy Zebra’s TC8000. It worked in close collaboration with its long-term partner Bancolini Symbol to ensure a smooth deployment, managing the migration and initial configuration totally wirelessly. SOTI® MobiControl is used for ongoing device management. Operators in General Cavi’s six warehouses currently use the TC8000s to track finished goods through the warehouses: from incoming product, put-away, internal stock movements and inventory to picking and dispatch. 


The TC8000 is ideally suited to General Cavi’s warehouse requirements:

  • It delivers fast processing speeds and accurate first-time scanning
  • It is lightweight, but robust and reliable
  • Its design eliminates the need for tilt and verify after each scan
  • It has an excellent battery life with hot swappable batteries for zero downtime
  • Its hi-res bright screen is easily readable in the outside areas of General Cavi’s warehouses
  • It offers exceptional wireless connectivity across the sites
  • Its all-touch screen ensures faster inputting with fewer errors
  • It’s easy to configure and manage

Pierluigi Zangrillo, EDP Manager, General Cavi, summarises: “Our teams love the TC8000; it’s designed with them in mind.”

For more information and to read about further benefits of deploying the TC8000 in your warehouse, please see the case study or visit Zebra Technologies.


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