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Secure Partnerships: More about Zebra’s Access Control Partners

Posted by John Wadden

September 23, 2014 at 10:32 AM


Are your operations secure?

Zebra's innovative line of advanced access card system solutions boosts security and strengthens your organization's access control system, protecting you from adverse events that can often take you off guard.  

With customizable features to combat counterfeiting and unauthorized alterations, you can fulfill most access card system requirements and easily produce cards with forensic and both overt and covert features for enhanced security.

But how do Zebra’s card solutions enable enterprise mobility? Whether it’s a badge or another mobile device, enterprise mobility is critical for secure identification because security is never stagnant and organizations need to be nimble to address a variety of access control needs. .

To empower this kind of flexibility, Zebra is proud to extend the value of our technologies by partnering with Intercede and Salamander to create end-to-end solutions that fit enterprise security needs.

Meet Intercede

Intercede MyID is a complete identity and credential management software system that can be combined with the ZXP Series 8™ retransfer printer for highly secure card issuance for government agencies. By issuing trusted credentials that are bound to a proven identity, organizations can be sure that the right people and devices are accessing their information, network, buildings and intellectual property, an essential element of cybersecurity today.

Meet Salamander

Salamander, another solution that can be combined with Zebra printers, provides first responders and emergency managers with the tools they need to manage incidents. Intelligent Accountability is the real time tagging, tracking, and reporting of people and resources at the scene of an incident from anywhere in the world. Like Zebra, IA links physical with digital. It provides off-location command centers and on-scene responders with a common operating picture. The tagging, tracking, and reporting architecture of Salamander’s Intelligent Accountability suite offers unrivaled situational awareness, painting a common operating picture for everyone involved in incidents both large and small.

Are you headed to ASIS? Zebra will be there! Stop by booth #4413 to see our security solutions and meet Zebra partners Intercede and Salamander!

For more about Zebra's access control solutions, visit http://www.zebra.com/us/en/solutions/business-need/id-access-security/security.html

About the Author: John Wadden is a Product Marketing Manager at Zebra Technologies and responsible for Zebra's card business.

Topics: Security, APAC, North America, Latin America, EMEA, Access Control