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Sample Identification in the Surgery Center

Posted by Andy Tippet

July 22, 2014 at 9:09 AM


For quite some time healthcare facilities have been providing positive identification for samples in the laboratory.  These IDs are largely in the form of barcoded labels that enable lab staff to easily process samples without incurring misidentifications.  However, providing identification through barcoded labels of tissues and samples taken during surgery has not been as common.   

How numerous are these surgery centers?  In the United States there are over 40,000 locations in hospitals and clinics where nearly 23 million procedures are performed.  The lack of the ability to identify tissues taken in these settings could lead to adverse events that are now prevented in lab sample processing.  

To enable the ability to instantly tag samples right after they were taken from the body, a surgery center would need to have labeling devices that could be safely wiped down and sterilized – throughout the day.  These devices would need to stand up to the most common cleaning agents used within the facility. 

Did you know that Zebra healthcare printers can stand up to 45 of the most commonly used cleaning agents within a hospital?

The second element is a power supply.  All power supplies deal with electrical currents but in healthcare, these units can come into proximity with liquids, materials, clinicians, or even patients.  Medical grade power supplies, which have a 60601-1 certification from the IEC, provide a greater degree of safety for the patient, especially within a surgery center.  

By providing compliance with safety and cleanliness standards, selected barcoded label devices can deliver ID to the surgery center so efficiency and patient safety can follow. 

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About the Author: As healthcare practice lead – Americas, Andy Tippet oversees healthcare practice for North America and South America Regions of Zebra Technologies. Tippet provides planning and execution on marketing initiatives to drive revenues.

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