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Recap of This Month's Industry News

Posted by Zebra Global

July 29, 2014 at 9:00 AM


Every week, we feature different industry news stories via our social media channels. We select a wide variety of articles ranging from trends in Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to exciting RFID application stories.

This month, we featured articles about manufacturers and the IoT, the meaning of a retail CEO’s comments on RFID, 10 big data pros on Twitter, and Chicago’s “Array of Things”. We also highlighted an article on how big data and the Internet of Things will change the postal service, and one on how big data is being used to fight infectious diseases in England.  If you missed any, be sure to check them out!

Here are some of our favorite quotes from this month’s articles. 

"’The Internet of Things is delivering capabilities that disrupt the nature of production software as we know it. It is making software one of the key investments for manufacturers that want to generate additional productivity and optimise their operations.’” -IoT helps manufacturers work smart, PACE Magazine

“The possibility of equipping the postal network (vehicles, mailboxes, mail pieces and parcels, sorting centers, etc.) with low-cost sensors will exponentially expand the capability of postal operators to collect valuable data. This new rich data sources could help the Postal Service improve operational performance, customer service, create new products and services, and support more efficient decision-making processes. The “Internet of Postal Things”, experts say, could also have a positive spillover effect on other adjacent non-postal sectors, as the information collected by and for the Postal Service could be useful to others. - How Big Data And The Internet Of Things Will Change The Postal Service, Forbes 

 “The idea is that anyone will be able to sample the immediate health of the city with a glance at the Array—current carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide levels, perhaps. Or a combination of temperature, humidity, and roadway temperature (detected by the infrared sensor) could warn drivers that a street or bridge is perilously close to icing over…”What Chicago’s ‘Array of Things’ Will Actually Do, Chicago Magazine  

“…IDC predicts that the market for big data services and technology will grow to $16.9 billion in 2015, representing 40% growth. Companies are looking for the next strategic advantage and they think it is hidden deep inside their own servers, but they are having real troubles squeezing it out. If you're like everyone else, you could use all the help you can get.” - 10 More Big Data Pros To Follow On Twitter, InformationWeek 

PHE is pioneering use of DNA bacterial sequence data to provide a public service. It’s the first project of its type in the world…” Public Health England using big data to fight infectious disease, ITProPortal

I am often asked when radio frequency identification technology will take off, and I have replied, only half-jokingly, that it will happen when financial analysts begin asking CEOs about their RFID deployments during conference calls to discuss quarterly or year-end results.” - The Meaning of a Retail CEO’s Comments on RFID, RFID Journal

What story resonated with you the most and why?

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