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Recap of August's Industry News

Posted by Zebra Global

August 26, 2014 at 11:56 AM


Every week we feature different industry news stories via our social media channels. We select a wide variety of articles ranging from trends in Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) to exciting RFID application stories.

This month we featured an article about how Big Data is tackling wildfires, and another article on Big Data success that featured 10 tips for small and mid-sized enterprises. Zebra even received a shout out in a USA Today article that addressed the future of Big Data.  IoT was no stranger to the media spotlight either and we found a great piece on real-life scenarios that show how the IoT could transform our lives. Articles on the IoT this month also included one on how an IoT sensor monitors water pollution and another on the future of IoT in retail.

If you missed any of these exciting news pieces, be sure to check them out! Here are some of our favorite quotes from this month’s articles:

“WIFIRE, created by the University of California at San Diego and University of Maryland, crunches satellite data and real-time remote sensor data to forecast the rate at which wildfires might spread.” Big Data Tackles Wildfire Control, InformationWeek Twitter_logo_blue

“Look to Big Data Leaders – Leaders are also finding ways to tap into any and all Big Data sources internally and externally. Therefore,  it makes sense to let them do the heavy lifting and then use their approaches to investigate ways to derive useful intelligence from the data and tie it back to various business models.”  Big Data Success: 10 Tips for SMEs, Enterprise Apps Today Twitter_logo_blue

“You’re walking down the supermarket aisle, and you get to the milk fridge. Your shopping trolley vibrates, and the screen mounted on the trolley handles displays a message: ‘There is no milk in your fridge. Would you like to purchase some?’ Your fridge has identified that the teenager residing in your house has drunk the 2L milk bottle you bought 2 days ago. The fridge has sent a message to your phone. Your phone knows that you’re in the supermarket and has told your trolley. Your trolley knows you’re next to the milk fridge and has told you that you’re out of milk.”9 Real-Life Scenarios That Show How The Internet Of Things Could Transform Our Lives, Business Insider Australia Twitter_logo_blue

“Phil Gerskovich, SVP of New Growth Platforms at Zebra Technologies says his company is very much thinking about how sensors will play out in the warehouse and he sees it involving one of three things: What is it? Where is It? What is its condition?” If you think Big Data’s big now, just wait, USA Today Twitter_logo_blue 

 “…they made the sensor using 3D printing technology that can be used directly in rivers and lakes to help monitor water quality. The biosensor also contains bacteria that produce an electric current as they feed and grow. If pollutants in the water come into contact with the bacteria, the electric current drops, which indicates the extent of toxins in the water.” How an Internet of Things Sensor Monitors Water Pollution, CBR Twitter_logo_blue

Retailers need to establish the foundation by which to meet immediate omni-channel demands while planning for continual innovation, the report says. The IoT is already playing a role in consumer location-based interactions and in retail supply chain and asset management applications.”Assessing the Future of IoT in Retail, Information Management Twitter_logo_blue

As a special treat, we’ve featured a quote from Adebayo Onigbanjo, senior marketing manager for Zebra’s New Growth Platforms that demonstrates our thought leadership and was posted to the comments section of a CloudTweaks article on business models:

“The number one action that Internet of Things enables is connectivity, meaning that everything will be connected. This single action means businesses now have a tremendous opportunity to offer new services and experiences to their customers. Take the connected car for example - a driver can now be informed of the best time to bring the car in for service, versus the current assumption that it needs to happen at a pre-determined mileage. The driver gains confidence in the brand, and for the brand it enables better customer service and a potential new source of revenue – predictive maintenance.  Another area that IoT will enable is the increase in pay-per-use business models. For so long, big DIY stores have offered a rental service for tools - but this has purely been based on daily or hourly rates. With IoT, can the tool manufactures themselves get in on the game and offer a pay per use model for the tools? This is absolutely possible, and a variation of it exist today in the mobile point of sale industry. Small business owners are signing up for simple mPoS services that have zero cost upfront and charge a percentage on completed transactions. This is possible due to cloud computing and the internet. At Zebra Technologies, we expect many more business models to change due to this ubiquitous connectivity and IoT standard.” – Adebayo Onigbanjo, senior marketing manager for Zebra’s New Growth Platforms Twitter_logo_blue

What story resonated with you the most and why?

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