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Real-time visibility sees SmartLens for Retail shortlisted for awards

Posted by John Wyer

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November 2, 2017 at 6:50 AM

Smart lens for Retail

In retail, insight is king. And with data starting to help retailers make more informed and agile decisions, new ways are emerging to keep sales tracking upwards, reduce loss, and make the most of the store experience.
Imagine if you could automatically track and record the movement of everything coming into, going out of and moving around your store – from merchandise to customers, to associates. And what if this insight was crunched into actionable intel that can help you turn on a dime, to take customer service to the next level, grow sales, and shrink costs?

That’s what our SmartLens for Retail solution does. And that’s why it’s been shortlisted by two innovation and excellence awards this year – the RBTE Innovation Awards and Computing’s Big Data & IoT Excellence Awards.

Smarter stores for better business

Competition on the high street is as fierce as ever, while the world of online retail has put even more pressure on bricks-and-mortar stores to improve the customer experience. The pressure’s on to provide a seamless in-store experience, while making sure that associates are as productive and efficient as possible.

Using a combination of RFID, Bluetooth, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect all elements of your operation, our SmartLens for Retail Asset Visibility solution gives visibility of – and insight into – everything happening on the shop floor and behind the scenes.

With it, you can avoid out-of-stock scenarios or overstocking. Prevent lost sales. Quickly fulfil Click & Collect requests. Spot and stop potential thefts before items leave the store. And provide a quick, smooth experience for customers – whether they’re ordering through their phone, via a sales associate, or from the comfort of home.

SmartLens for Retail empower retailers in three key ways:

SENSE – SmartLens sensors automatically collect data on your merchandise, customers, and associates as they move through your store and backroom.

ANALYSE – Our Data Analytics Engine takes raw data, whether that’s video or RFID, and turns it into the real-time, actionable insights that you need to improve practically every area of your store operations. No more wasted time spent compiling data – it’s all done for you.

ACT – With easy-to-read dashboards, and real-time alerts to the mobile devices in your workers’ hands, your team will be equipped with the insights they need, when they need them.

SmartLens for Retail applications allow retailers to do everything from speeding up fulfilment, to assessing footfall, to finding an associate’s misplaced mobiles devices. But users can also create custom applications, or integrate SmartLens for Retail data into their existing Warehouse Management System or Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

Seamless customer experiences rely on real-time insight and staff with the tools to act quickly. SmartLens for Retail enables both. Find out more by downloading our factsheet.

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