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Posted by Joanne Pearn

November 15, 2017 at 3:08 AM


It’s a competitive market out there. Distributors need the most efficient practices and a first-class supply chain in place, so they can fulfil customer orders accurately and fast, whilst remaining profitable.

Madison – the largest supplier of bicycle parts and accessories in the UK – has just deployed Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Mobile Computers in its Milton Keynes warehouses with two key aims:

  • To drive warehouse productivity
  • To have a single reliable handheld device that can be used for all warehouse processes


The deployment of the TC8000s has enabled Madison to achieve these two aims and so much more. End-user acceptance has been rapid and exceptional, with warehouse employees giving very positive feedback including comments such as:

  • The handhelds are extremely robust, yet noticeably lighter than the previous models
  • They offer accurate, exceptionally fast scanning and processing speeds
  • The volume and graphics can be simply adjusted to suit individuals
  • The battery life is excellent
  • They are very easy to use and it’s great that the handle can be quickly adjusted to suit left- or right-handers
  • Working with just one device saves time and makes the job easier


The excellent reliability record of the TC8000s since deployment has also helped Madison achieve its productivity and efficiency gains. The less downtime, the more the warehouse teams can get on with their work. Moreover, the TC8000s are supported by a five-year Zebra OneCare coverage plan, to give Madison extra peace of mind.


The TC8000 is simple to configure, runs on an android platform and is the most feature loaded, flexible, efficient handheld possible. Its revolutionary screen, which is larger and designed to face the user, eliminates the need to tilt and verify each scan. This, combined with the innovative touch keyboard, saves time and increases accuracy for the user. Madison can be confident that it has invested wisely in a long-term, future-proof solution. 


Codeway is a Zebra Technologies Platinum Partner, and has worked with Zebra for over 20 years and with Madison for over 10 years. Codeway provided excellent after-sales support and designed custom-built racks for Madison to house its TC8000s. Zebra, Codeway and Madison all worked in close cooperation to ensure the warehouse deployment was a success. 

To learn more about Madison and how the Zebra TC8000 can drive productivity and efficiency at your warehouse, please visit the success story or click on the above links.


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