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Proper Labeling With Accurate Specimen ID Saves Lives

Posted by Zebra N. America

October 17, 2016 at 7:55 AM


When a physician makes a clinical treatment decision, it’s often based on laboratory results. And the integrity of those lab results depends on the accuracy of the specimen identification. 

When specimens are misidentified, the consequences can be grave. Diagnoses are missed. Medication is withheld or the wrong medication is administered. Inappropriate procedures are ordered. In the best case, valuable time is lost. 

And with more than 7 billion tests being run in hospitals every year, there are countless opportunities for misidentification of specimens as they’re collected in multiple areas of care throughout a healthcare facility.

One way healthcare facilities are working to eliminate the potential for specimen misidentification is through the use of barcode scanners and compact printers that allow for immediate labeling and documentation of the specimens right at the point of collection with the power of a completely mobile process. 

Our newest video illustrates how Zebra barcode printers and scanners are helping clinicians and laboratory techs deliver accurate results that improve patient outcomes.

Watch our video now. 

Topics: Healthcare, North America, Patient Identification