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Game On: How the Internet of Things Is Transforming Sports

Posted by Zebra Global

January 21, 2015 at 9:28 AM



For most people, radio frequency identification (RFID) conjures up images of warehouses and shipping containers. But what about a record-breaking interception or a game-winning score? Sensor technologies—like RFID, beacons and others—are making their way into the world of sports and entertainment in a big way.

Affixed to players’ uniforms and equipment, and around the stadium, these technologies can yield bigger, more valuable sets of data. And since these technologies are connected to cloud solutions that can generate sophisticated analytics in real time, organizations can leverage this data like never before. This asset intelligence is a key benefit of the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s transforming the way coaches coach, players play and fans spectate their favorite sports.

Winning decisions
IoT technologies have the ability to track position, speed and distance and to showcase that information in real time. Since data from a similar event in the past can determine a future outcome, the information gleaned gives coaches the opportunity to make smarter decisions on the spot and to adjust the game right when it’s needed.

Optimized practices
From football players to race car drivers, every athlete can benefit from having more information on their performance. By tracking things like player speed, location, distance and even heart rate at every point in the game, coaches can see where their players excelled and where there’s room for improvement. This allows them to design personalized training sessions that truly address each players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Better broadcasting
As more and more media is consumed on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, fans demand richer viewing experiences. The IoT helps broadcasters meet this demand due to data that can easily integrate with graphics systems. This provides content for live feeds, review analyses, replay and multi-view opportunities, in addition to the potential for more interactive features.

Smarter stadiums
Beacons—which use low-energy Bluetooth connections to communicate with mobile devices—are enabling a whole new kind of stadium experience. With this technology, guests can find out which bathroom line is the shortest or get a discount on pizza from the concession stand nearest to them.

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