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Not the Classroom You Remember: Education and the Internet of Things

Posted by Zebra Global

January 12, 2015 at 9:04 AM



The classroom has dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Now, students work on laptops instead of in spiral notebooks, they deliver homework online, and when we talk about a “media-rich” classroom, we’re not referring to overhead projectors. All this change, and yet, there’s still so much more to come as the Internet of Things (IoT) reaches critical mass.

The IoT—which refers to the interconnectivity of internet-aware devices—has transformed education. With e-learning platforms, radio frequency identification (RFID) and cloud computing technologies all yielding bigger, better data sets, educational institutions are gaining more visibility into their people and resources.

Here is how we see this game-changing level of asset intelligence transforming education:

Personalized learning
When schools are equipped with high-speed wireless networks, more and more learning can take place on laptops, tablets and other mobile devices. Data that’s collected from these devices can then be used to offer more personalized lesson plans—all in real time. Not only are these students more engaged, but teachers can then focus their attention on the students who need more face-to-face instruction. Plus, the insight gleaned can be applied in designing future lesson plans.

Streamlined assessments
With e-learning platforms, learning assessments can become less manual and time-intensive. Instead of spending hours grading multiple choice tests or feeding Scantron sheets into a machine, teachers can dedicate their time to curriculum planning, one-to-one assistance and other more impactful activities.

Enhanced school safety
Campuses can achieve a new level of safety and security, thanks to the IoT’s ability to track objects, students and staff. School buses can be equipped with location-tracking devices, so students, parents and administrators always know where their bus is. ID cards can ensure only those who are authorized are accessing specific areas on campus. And security guards can use mobile devices to instantly notify teachers, administrators and even local police of a security breach.

Smarter resource management
From textbooks to lab equipment to tablets, schools have a lot to keep track of. RFID tags, coupled with an IoT solution, make monitoring these resources seamless. Not only can educators see the location and condition of a classroom tool in real time, but predictive analytics can tell them when it’s time to replace items or expand their inventory, allowing them to be proactive instead of reactive.

And this is just the beginning. As mobile technologies advance and connectivity increases, the possibilities are endless. To learn more about how the IoT is transforming education, download the industry profile below.


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