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Patient ID in Ambulatory Settings

Posted by Andy Tippet

November 4, 2014 at 8:06 AM


According a recent article in Hospitals and Health Networks Magazine, “the number of outpatient surgeries grew by 40% over a ten year period …Although nearly two-thirds of U.S. surgeries are performed in the ambulatory setting, little is known about patient safety and care quality in this arena. But that’s quickly changing.”

One of the keys to patient safety, implemented extensively throughout hospitals, is the ability to positively identify patients, primarily through barcoded wristbands. Though these wristbands have not been as widespread in the ambulatory setting, the critical need to increase patient safety in this area of the continuum means that soon patients will receive these identifiers regardless of the time it takes to receive their healthcare.

Positive Patient ID provides functional benefits that include easy patient ID, improved processes and subsequent cost avoidance. Yet the emotional benefits are also critical. When a clinician knows with certainty the identity of the patient, it provides a confidence and peace of mind.

There are several options for wristbands including newer, short term bands specifically constructed for the Ambulatory market.

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About the Author: As healthcare practice lead – Americas, Andy Tippet oversees healthcare practice for North America and South America Regions of Zebra Technologies. Tippet provides planning and execution on marketing initiatives to drive revenues.

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