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OEM Integration – How to Market OEM to Marketing

Posted by Garry Reichert

March 28, 2016 at 10:00 AM


“Marketing doesn’t always understand OEM.”

It’s something I hear a lot. Why does it matter? After all, Zebra Marketing understands OEM, so why bring it up?

There’s been a slow but steady shift in business the past five to seven years where decisions that used to reside within the IT organization are now being driven by the marketing organization. Think about that. Marketing, the organization that drives go-to-market strategy, demand generation, promotions, branding and so on, the engine that revs sales and thereby drives revenue, is the group assessing expenditures on infrastructure, systems and hardware.

The audiences you’re used to approaching to sell in solutions are no longer, in many instances, the decision makers; but, that’s actually good news for you.

Why? Because fewer groups in an organization understand the importance of ROI, customer satisfaction and branding better than marketing. It’s also why you need to make sure your customers (and potential customers) marketing organizations understand the benefits of Zebra OEM.

  1. Quick access to industry-leading technology
  2. Flexible approaches to match business strategy
  3. Faster time to market
  4. Reduced product development costs
  5. Brand, brand, brand

We have a long history of setting the bar when it comes to products and services. Our solutions (bar code scanning, WLAN, mobile point of sale, kiosks and kiosk printers) can help any customer in any industry improve efficiency, reduce the cost of doing business and better serve the most important asset in any business — the customer.

When you standardize your product line on Zebra scan engines, keeping your products updated with the latest technology is easy. Our platform strategy allows you to simply replace existing engines with the next generation engine — no expensive re-tooling required.

We also have a flexible approach to match your business strategy. When you integrate with Zebra OEM, zero development costs and zero time to market aren’t ideas on a whiteboard – they’re reality. Or, maybe, you want to take the idea from whiteboard to market, but need to reduce development costs. We can help you do just that with our data capture components. You get the scanning and image capture performance your customers’ demand, with a standard platform so you can create and update your product designs. Even if you have a customer looking for a custom build and you don’t have the time or budget  we do.

No matter which approach you take, you can be guaranteed one thing – when you leverage Zebra’s OEM Technology Portfolio, you can put products in the hands of your customers faster than before, which means they get to market faster  a true competitive advantage.

When you spend less time developing a product, without any impact to quality, you have time to work on other projects. More projects, less development time, reduced costs all add up to a higher margin on your products and a more profitable business.

By leveraging your market position, you can expand your product offerings and build brand equity.

These are all key points marketing understands; and, they’re points they in turn can use to market your offerings to your existing and potential customers:

  • Innovative technology
  • Reduced TCO
  • Fast order completion
  • Trusted brand

By partnering with Zebra OEM, you, and in turn your customers, benefit from solutions comprised of industry-acclaimed technology built on a common framework for reduced operational expenses and faster go-to-market times all backed by a brand you can trust.  

For more information on the advantages of working with Zebra OEM Technology, review our brochure or visit zebra.com/oem.

Garry Reichert is VP, OEM - North America for Zebra Technologies.

Topics: APAC, North America, EMEA, OEM, Marketing, Integration