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OEM Healthcare – Bar Codes: The Vital Stats

Posted by Garry Reichert

May 9, 2016 at 10:00 AM


In today’s OEM designs for healthcare, equipment manufacturers can easily incorporate advanced technologies to enhance their applications. Despite the rise of increasingly sophisticated solutions, a core technology remains: the barcode scanner.

Often viewed as the enabler of retail checkout, the barcode scanner actually plays an equally if not more critical role in ensuring patient safety. The automatic data collection offered by scanning adds indispensable value to healthcare applications by streamlining data capture and transfer to reduce errors and offer greater safety for the patient. The healthcare applications that benefit from data capture are limitless.

Imprinting bar codes on patient wristband has become standard practice. It gives hospitals a positive identification method (with end-to-end match) that can eliminate errors resulting from manual typing and writing. By scanning the code on the patient’s wristband, the right medication, the recorded course of treatment and the attending caregiver can be monitored and automatically logged to an electronic account.  Healthcare organizations know in real-time when, how, where and by whom the patient was attended.

In an upcoming blog I will talk about how the benefits of bar code scanning will be extended to the future of healthcare with digital healthcare diaries, but today I would like to talk about how OEM providers can add the benefits of bar code scanning to their solutions.

Recognize That Integration Is Simple

What once required specialized engineering disciplines is now possible through the integration of scanning engines “virtually” within a CAD environment before a single model is built.

Take Your First Step

Understand your customers’ applications. What kinds of symbologies are they collecting and what are the hardware requirements or limitations? This will help you select the best scanning technology to use (2D or 3D) and the optimal integration scenario – private label branding, integration into an in-house developed solution or a custom application

Think Small on Size

Bar code scanning providers have reduced the size of scanners and scan engines so that they are easy to integrate into any size medical device.  

Think Large On Applications

From the simplest pen device to application packed tablets and mobile computers, automatic data capture can add security functionality to smaller, more ergonomic devices. Applications let the bar code be captured at the point of care, transferred to the point of use, shared with point of testing and stored at the point of documentation, all with the utmost reliability and data security.

Know Where To Start

With the largest offering of data capture devices in the industry, Zebra is the OEM supplier of choice for the healthcare industry.  

Everyday we help OEM partners like you realize the future of healthcare with the power of Zebra inside.  With Zebra as your partner, you can integrate our world-class data capture, wireless, locationing and mobile computing expertise into your healthcare solution from the start. 

Your clients enjoy the peace of mind from our proven experience and you benefit by differentiating your offering, reducing development costs and accelerating time-to-market.

If your company works in healthcare technology, Zebra is an OEM partner you should consider. For over 40 years we’ve known the critical role of matching healthcare workers with patients and the exact medication and treatments they need.

Let’s work together to automate the collection of information and the quality of patient care.

To find out more about Zebra’s OEM solutions for Healthcare, visit us at: www.zebra.com/oem.

Garry Reichert is VP, OEM - North America for Zebra Technologies.


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