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OEM Healthcare – Automating the Quality of Patient Care

Posted by Garry Reichert

May 23, 2016 at 10:00 AM


In healthcare, there's a tremendous opportunity to automate the collection of information and the quality of patient care

In a nurse or clinician’s typical day, 2-3 hours of an 8-hour shift is spent documenting. That’s a lot of time spent on paperwork instead of patient care.  

We can leverage enterprise intelligence in the Internet of Things to do that in a much more automated and accountable fashion.

We envision a digital diary that automatically records stats and provides care instructions throughout a nurse’s shift. With this digital diary, we can “sense” information at the edge of the network, where real work is happening, where caregivers are interfacing with patients, where vital statistics are being collected, and where medication is being administered.

All the relevant, contextual information is collected and brought back to a central repository where it is analyzed, and ultimately, acted upon in the right way.  

Patients Benefit

  • They rest easier without the need to be disturbed every time a nurse needs to collect stats
  • They benefit from more dedicated time with their nurse who is freed up from manual data entry
  • They have the assurance that care and medication instructions are automatically being recorded without the risk of human input error

Hospitals Benefit

Healthcare organizations also benefit from compliance with new legislative standards for accountable care and the deployment of electronic medical records.

These standards require healthcare facilities to re-think the way they collect data today. It's no longer acceptable to collect patient data manually, translate it 2 or 3 times, and then input it into an electronic records system via keyboard.  It's got to be done in place, in the moment, on a mobile device, and in a contextualized and automated fashion.

Through locationing, nurses and doctors can automatically receive that information wirelessly as they enter the room.  Now the caregiver is electronically linked with that patient and can automatically collect information on time of day, the patient’s stats, the care log of the prior shift and the scan of medications.

Healthcare Technology Providers (You) Benefit

In healthcare administration, demand for this new technology is growing as it ensures an automated, closed-loop of record collection, management and retrieval. Your solutions let healthcare workers focus on the patient, exceeds the legislative mandates put forth, and ensures a better patient outcome.

At Zebra, our OEM customers rely upon us to take the future and pull it to the present, to understand the art of what's possible and intersect that with their need to deliver new solutions.   

Everyday we help our OEM partners realize the future of healthcare with the power of Zebra inside. With Zebra as your OEM partner, you can integrate our world-class data capture, wireless, locationing and mobile computing expertise into your healthcare solution from Day 1. Your end clients enjoy the peace of mind from our proven experience; you benefit from reduced development costs, full integration support and faster time-to-market.

If your company works in healthcare technology, Zebra is an OEM partner you should consider. For over 40 years we’ve known the critical role of bringing healthcare workers and patients closer.

To find out more about Zebra’s OEM solutions for Healthcare, visit us at www.zebra.com/oem.

Garry Reichert is VP, OEM - North America for Zebra Technologies.


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