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Recap of November's Industry News

Posted by Zebra Global

December 2, 2014 at 10:04 AM



Every week we feature different industry news stories via our social media channels. Last month, we shared articles surrounding patient safety and barcoding in healthcare, Gartner’s top 10 tech trends and Open Data. This month we shared articles featuring automated data collection opportunities in manufacturing, how manufacturers are using data, and the adoption rate of Internet of Things technology across various industries.

Some of the key market opportunities in the manufacturing industry that will shape the industry landscape in the coming years include facility modularity and wireless infrastructure, forklift mounted printers for improved efficiency, and picking and labeling accuracy.

So, what’s driving these opportunities? Well, since 2012, businesses across industries such as manufacturing, retail, transportation, healthcare and government have been yearning for a fuller picture of their business operations. In one industry survey done by Wipro, only 42% of manufacturers in North America and Western Europe have what they deem to be a well-defined data-management strategy.

If you missed any of these exciting news pieces or want to learn more, you can check them out below. Here are some of our favorite quotes from this month’s articles:

“The shift to mobile warehousing technologies can help guarantee better performance and consequently improve customer satisfaction.” – Industry Insights On ADC For Manufacturing And Warehousing, BSMinfo 

“The report also finds that while over 90% of manufacturers collect data from monitoring production processes, less than half have in place predictive data analytics, and less than 40% use data analysis to find solutions to production problems.” – Manufacturing and the data conundrum, The Economist

“In 2012, only 15 percent of surveyed enterprises already had an IoT solution in place, compared to 25 percent this year.” - Businesses are Quickly Jumping on the Internet of Things Bandwagon, ChicagoInno

"There are already billions of devices - from forks to jet engines - connected to the internet, and all signs point to a huge surge in the coming years." - The internet of things isn’t producing a data deluge … yet, GigaOM

"What does product design mean when products are no longer just physical goods? That’s the difficult question facing designers today" - 5 Ways Product Design Needs to Evolve for the Internet of Things, Harvard Business Review

"According to predictions released by US carrier Verizon, strategic network investments will be a top priority for chief information officers working in the corporate world next year, as more and more companies seek to make sense of Big Data, profit from the internet of things (IoT) and make the transition to the cloud." - Top five enterprise technology trends for 2015, ZDNet

"After decades of creating and implementing policies to aid the rise of mobile devices, the Federal Communications Commission may soon find its greatest challenge yet in the “Internet of Things." - As ‘Internet of Things' Evolves, FCC's Spectrum Strategy Will Be Put to the Test, Bloomberg BNA

"The industrial IoT will eventually eclipse consumer markets, in terms of both the number of connected devices and the volume and value of connections." - Don’t hold your breath for the industrial IoT platform, GigaOM

 "The ZigBee Alliance, a non-profit association of organizations creating open, global standards that define the Internet of Things for use in consumer, commercial and industrial applications, announced the unification of its market-leading wireless standards to a single standard named ZigBee 3.0." - ZigBee 3.0 creates single open, global wireless standard for devices, PC World

"In 20 years, the telecom industry has changed our lives. Everyone has a phone today, " said François Barrault, President of the IDATE, opening the DigiWorld Summit 2014 in Montpellier (from 18 to 20 November). - DigiWorld Summit: Mobility and objects connected growth driver, Silicon 


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