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NACCU and the SMART Campus

Posted by Zebra Global

July 24, 2014 at 12:00 PM


From identity to physical access, campus cards are the key to higher education safety and efficiencies. Depending on the application, internal administrative processes can be implemented more quickly, and the infrastructure of a university or college can improve because of it.  In a world where higher education is becoming more attainable, the need for this technology is growing.

For years, Zebra card printing products provide solutions to simplify the campus registration process including:

  •         Creating a secure  environment to ensure student safety
  •         Managing real-time student access to residence halls
  •         Providing mobile payment options at cafeterias, bookstores and campus events.  

This campus is called the SMART campus – the SMART campus leverages the latest information technology in Security, Mobility, Access control, Registration management and Tracking to ensure safety and operational efficiencies across the campus.

This month, Zebra’s SMART campus solutions were given a gold star by the National Association of Campus Card Users (NACCU) by joining as a Gold Corporate Member!  The NACCU is the only association serving the national and international campus card transaction industry and is dedicated to high-quality educational programs, resources, services and tools.

“We are delighted to join NACCU and be an active member in this reputable organization and further our legacy of providing effective campus card solutions,” said Ram Ramaprasad, director of product management for Zebra.  “Zebra’s direct association with NACCU enables us to collaborate with the higher education community, so we can better understand their challenges and provide appropriate solutions to meet their needs.”

Are you in higher education?  Explore the SMART campus at http://seemore.zebra.com/content/HigherEducation_2013

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