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Posted by Marie-France Dequeker

November 28, 2018 at 4:52 AM

Stores appealing to the youth market need to be as well connected as their customers.

And, if you appeal to the trendy youth demographic and employ predominantly younger staff, deploying very easy-to-use, high-performance devices with similar handling to smartphones will ensure the best staff user take-up.


Just two of the reasons Dutch retailer The Sting has worked with its partner Indicium B.V. to deploy TC70 Touch Computers from Zebra Technologies in its stores across the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.


The Sting wants to keep its store employees where they should be: out on the shop floor assisting customers. However, in the immediate, connected world we live in, customers expect staff to have instant answers to their queries with regard to products, stocks and pricing. Armed with Zebra’s TC70 connected to The Sting’s back office systems, employees have this real-time information on hand, without leaving the customer’s side.


The Sting is using the platform from Neptune Software, also a Zebra Technologies strategic partner, to continuously create further apps to run on the TC70s.  Staff don’t just use the devices for incoming goods, inventory and stock transfers; they now also use the TC70s to check product information and to take photos, to accompany a report on a shop issue, for example. And, with such a forward-thinking retail team, more uses and applications will no doubt follow in the near future.


The TC70’s robustness is reducing downtime and returns. Moreover, The Sting’s IT team uses SOTI® MobiControl to manage, support, update, secure and trace the TC70s remotely and centrally, without having to take them offline. In this way they can easily keep track of how the devices are being used and to check batteries, usage and location, for example.

Bart Overbeek, IT Director, The Sting, summarises: “Our retail staff absolutely love the look, handling and performance of the Zebra TC70s. They can work more efficiently and productively and have a really accurate overview of store stocks at all times. Moreover, using SOTI MobiControl makes life much easier for our IT department too.”

To learn how The Sting’s retail employees are working more productively and efficiently, please take a look at the success story or, to learn more about The Sting, Indicium, the TC70 Touch Computer and Zebra’s retail solutions, please click on these links.

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