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Mobilize Your POS to Give Your Customers a Better Retail Experience

Posted by Shawn Harris

January 15, 2015 at 10:06 AM


With multiple ways to shop and easily get the products they want through a variety of retail channels, shoppers are quick to switch retailers when one can more quickly meet their needs than another. To better respond to today’s shopper requests and get the sale, retailers are equipping associates with mobile computers for everything from inventory look-ups to arranging for next-day delivery from another store to line busting.

As made popular by Apple Stores, mobile POS (mPOS) is now seen as a key ingredient for increasing customer satisfaction. However, rather than a mere replacement for traditional POS systems, mPOS should be viewed as an opportunity to enhance customer service and improve store productivity – both of which can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

According to our 2014 Shopping Study, customer satisfaction has been on the rise, with 75 percent of shoppers feeling positive about shopping in stores overall.

Unfortunately, less than 25 percent of those surveyed indicated they were “very satisfied” in several key areas, including sales associate availability and customer service as well as the availability of coupons.

Providing better service in these areas can not only help increase customer satisfaction – it can also increase sales. In fact, a whopping 45 percent of the shoppers Zebra surveyed said they would buy up to 50 percent more merchandise from retailers that provide better customer service.

That’s where mobile point of sale (mPOS) solutions can help. In fact, 58 percent of the shoppers Zebra surveyed said that store associates equipped with handheld mobile computers improve the customer experience.

Mobile POS solutions can enhance the customer experience by:

1)      Enabling the “Full-Service Associate”. With the latest mPOS technology, associates can check for discounts, verify in-store availability and even place an order for next-day delivery from the store website.

2)      Reducing check-out wait time. During busy periods, associates carrying mPOS terminals can quickly open up another payment station, thereby reducing customer wait time.

3)      Supporting faster coupon scanning. Armed with the latest mPOS technology, associates can easily scan digital or paper coupons.

4)      Making it easier for consumers to use their loyalty cards. Scanners that can capture barcodes on driver’s licenses can process loyalty card applications instantly or help consumers automatically activate warranties.

The Key to a Quality Point of Sale Experience

Of course, all mPOS solutions are not the same. Quality mPOS systems let associates do so much more than just ring up purchases. They allow associates to complete inventory checks, conduct shelf audits, change product prices, process incoming shipments, change electronic signage and even communicate with their co-workers.

The latest mPOS systems should also include advanced bioptic imaging technology that can capture barcodes or loyalty card information in any orientation and can quickly scan digital coupons on smudged mobile phone screens or on scratched, curved or dirty paper.

The bottom line is that a good mPOS system can help you improve customer service, increase sales and achieve a fast return on investment. Zebra Technologies is at the forefront in offering next-generation POS solutions to our retail customers.

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About the author: Shawn is a Retail & Hospitality Industry lead on Zebra’s North America Retail Sales team. Shawn helps our customers and sales teams navigate the ever changing retail landscape, providing pragmatic insights and thought leadership.



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