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July 31, 2017 at 1:15 AM


  • Imagine you are running a busy café – it’s a demanding job. And customers want to be served quickly and efficiently. They also want to be correctly informed of any ingredients they might be allergic to
  • On the other side of the counter, managers want their catering teams to work productively and concentrate on preparing food and serving customers, not on time-wasting, repetitive administrative tasks
  • And a third factor to throw into the mix is the legislative red tape that every food establishment needs to adhere to. One such regulation is the Food Information for Consumers (FIC) Regulation, which the EU has recently introduced; restaurants, cafés and catering companies now have to legally provide details of products that contain any of the 14 allergens it has specified, such as egg, milk, peanuts and sesame seeds

Finding the right systems to address these vary

ing needs is a key factor in the running of an efficient establishment; catering companies are always on the hunt for practical, reusable solutions that increase efficiency and save time and cost.

OCS, a provider of commercial catering solutions, is one such company. It has been responsible for the management of Café Savannah at Zebra Technologies’ European Headquarters in the UK for about ten years. Café staff were printing two labels every morning to accompany each dish on offer that day. And they have a wide offering. This was wasteful, time-consuming and could lead to errors.That was until it discovered the Zebra Food-Safe Card Solution system, comprising a Zebra ZXP Series 3 Card Printer,Zebra True Colours ix Series Card Printer Ribbons and Zebra Food-Safe Cards.

Now OCS has a reusable library of professionally printed, black, double-sided cards with which staff can quickly label up the day’s choices. The product name and pricing are clearly printed in white on one side and the allergens and ingredients are printed onto the reverse of the card, which can be swivelled round for the customer to view.


  • The Zebra Food-Safe Card Solution system is compliant with EU FIC Food Allergen Regulations and the cards and ribbons are food safe certified
  • The Zebra ZXP Series 3 Printer has a small footprint and is robust, reliable and very user-friendly
  • The ZXP 3 Load-N-Go cartridges make it easy and fast to load and replace the ribbon
  • The Zebra cards are food-safe and fully customisable
  • The system saves time and cost as cards can be reused
  • Cards are quickly, accurately and clearly printed, presenting a professional image

OCS is so pleased with the results that it is now considering rolling out the Zebra Food-Safe Card Solution to other outlets.

For further benefits, user feedback and general information, please visit the case study(to be hyperlinked as soon as live), or to learn more about OCS or theZebra Food-Safe Card Solution please click on these links.

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