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Making Seasonal Technology an Operating Expense With MLM

Posted by Mike Maris

June 19, 2015 at 10:18 AM


The first in a series of blogs discussing how innovative new mobile technologies and services are transforming the transportation and logistics industry.

What do transportation providers like parcel carriers, manufacturers and omnichannel retailers have in common?  Their businesses all have peak periods of heavy cyclical usage that demand the hiring of seasonal workers. In many cases, these peak periods occur during the holidays. For others, they occur in the spring and summer. But peak periods are not just about extra personnel. In most cases, additional workers also need mobile devices, such as handheld computers and other technology, to perform their jobs.

The question is: How do you gain use of this extra mobile technology during peak periods without having to pay for it to sit idle until its needed again?


A Technology and Services Solution

For many organizations, the best answer is a Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM) solution.

Virtually every transportation company is able to predict when its peak periods will fall. With this information as a starting point, we work closely with companies to design an MLM solution that enables more efficient management of peak performance periods. We create a comprehensive management services program around your specific requirements a program that gives you the use of the latest technology and applications during your peak periods. We keep these devices in our inventory and they never appear on your books as a capital expense. We make sure devices are properly loaded with latest and greatest technology and up-to-date applications before they go into service. You can be confident youll have peak performance during your peak periods at the lowest possible cost.

The end result is, you dont have to pay for seasonal technology to be idle for much of the year. You pay only for the time you actually use the devices and applications, making seasonal technology a more cost-effective operating expense rather than a capital expense.

Comprehensive Services Plan

At Zebra, our MLM services are comprehensive solutions that help you do much more than efficiently manage your seasonal technology needs. Our MLM services help speed rollout of new devices and applications at any time of the year, and provide operational support for planning, deployment, management, service desk, repairs, reporting and analysis. We ensure performance through customer-specific service level agreements, and provide enhanced visibility to all operations and performance measures through a customized, browser-based reporting and analysis tool. 

The bottom line? Our MLM solutions ensure happier holidaysand other peak periodsfor both your business and your customers.

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Mike Maris is a Transportation, Distribution and Logistics lead for Zebra Technologies, North America. His expertise includes mobile technology, RFID, advanced data capture, fleet management, pickup and delivery operations, and wireless networks.

Topics: Services, North America, T&L, logistics, MLM, transportation