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Location Technology: The Key to Better Serving the Connected Traveler

Posted by Nikolaus P. Braun

July 11, 2016 at 8:00 AM


A whopping 99 percent of hotel guests arrive carrying at least one mobile device.[i] And 85 percent of all hotel guests want to use their mobile devices to access hotel services.[ii] That’s why an estimated 64 percent of hotels offer their guests free Wi-Fi services when they travel. [iii]

But savvy hotels are using these Wi-Fi networks – along with smart Bluetooth/beacon location technology – to step up their customer service even more. They’re turning to technology that allows guests to check-in, open their room doors and even order room service using their mobile phones. They’re also leveraging location technology to boost both customer service and sales.

Here’s how Wi-Fi and beacon location technology can help you serve your guests more effectively and increase sales in your hotel facility:

At the entrance. Location technology lets you know the moment your guests walk through the door of your hotel – allowing you to greet them by name either via a text message or personally by your staff.

In the lobby. Guests can avoid the front desk line by using their mobile phones to instantly check-in and gain entry into their rooms via keyless entry. When Hilton first rolled out digital check-in – a service that allows guests to avoid the lines and select their preferred room from maps or a room list available on their mobile devices – more than one-third of guests opted to use the service. And more than 90 percent of guests who used the service said they were “satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with it – and would use it again.[iv]

In the guest room. Guests can quickly and easily order in-room services – ranging from wake-up calls to room service – using their phones. Guests at Chicago’s Virgin Hotel even use smartphones to adjust room temperature, turn on lights and change the channels on their televisions.[v]

At the conference center. Conference organizers can order more food or adjust the temperature of the conference room at the touch of a button.

Throughout the hotel. Hotels can offer services such as step-by-step directions or easily accessible maps on a guest’s mobile phone to help guide them through the hotel. A hotel’s Wi-Fi can also be used to remind guests of dinner reservations, allow them to place food or drink orders anywhere on-site, send guests customized offers based on their personal preferences or offer them discounts if they make reservations for unbooked tee times or spa treatments.

The Wi-Fi network you built to allow your guests to stay in touch can do so much more. To discover more about the many ways that Wi-Fi can help you improve customer service and build loyalty, visit zebra.com/hospitality.


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