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Link-OS™: A lifeline for your printer

Posted by Zebra EMEA

February 13, 2014 at 10:55 AM

There is always mystery surrounding the secret sauce in Coke and Pepsi; we have a favourite, but don’t really know why. When it comes to technology, we need to know more about the source to understand why it is different and its advantages so we can choose the best.

Thankfully, innovative software such as Zebra’s Link-OS, which is built on open standards, is able to show why it is unique, the advantages that it brings and the reasons for change.


Whilst we’ve always had the ability to connect Zebra printers to applications and other devices (such as scanners), the latest versionof Link-OS takes things a step further. The innovative Cloud Connect platform delivers authenticated printers that can connect directly and securely to cloud-based applications through high-level APIs, supported by simple debugging through printer-event logs. So for example, you can connect a QLn420™ printer to both an inexpensive Bluetooth® scanner and directly to your ERP application using Wi-Fi®, as is typical in a price-markdown application. And with Link-OS, this becomes standardised, secure and quick to deploy.


Visibility is a key benefit that Zebra products bring to customers, and knowing about problems quickly is an important part of delivering that visibility. Building on the Link-OS Cloud Connect platform, Profile Manager brings all-important visibility to your printers – delivering a secure, server-based application that allows management from many devices including tablets and mobile phones. So now, it doesn’t matter where you are… through a familiar, browser-based modern user interface, work can become more mobile, freeing support teams from their PCs without overlooking any issues that might arise.Virtual_Device_mr

Despite the benefits that a new Link-OS-enabled Zebra printer can bring, replacing an existing installation can be a significant project. But by allowing existing applications to run without modification, projects deliver a better return on investment. Link-OS Virtual Devices are the next generation of technology that makes this possible.

Implemented through on-printer apps, Virtual Devices support the legacy languages normally associated with other printer brands. Multiple Virtual Devices are supported by a single printer, are highly manageable using the Link-OS Profile Manager, and can be used with any other Link-OS features such as Cloud Connect. This makes Zebra printers even easier to integrate, manage and maintain.

Whether it’s secure authenticated connectivity, quick development for a higher return on investment, or access from any location, the innovations Link-OS brings make a difference.

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