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Posted by Hannah Moule

November 27, 2018 at 7:57 AM

This is BARTEC’s aim.

BARTEC has been working successfully with Zebra Technologies for 20 years.


It currently has a portfolio of intrinsically safe versions of Zebra’s MC92, TC75 and the BCS3600 series rugged 1D/2D scanners. And it will continue to develop intrinsically safe (EX) versions of further Zebra devices in the future, to meet the demands of its Enterprise Mobility customers.

So, why has BARTEC chosen to modify Zebra devices specifically?

Mirko Lampe, Strategic Marketing Manager International – Automation & Enterprise Mobility, BARTEC, explains: “We wanted best-in-class scanners, mobile and touch computers for our clients, which is why we have partnered with Zebra Technologies.”

Bespoke ATEX compliance

BARTEC’s modifications ensure the Zebra devices meet stringent international safety requirements (ATEX for Europe); these modifications principally involve reducing the power output of the capacitors and devices, with hazardous output values being limited to non-hazardous values. Customers can choose from numerous potential alteration options, dependent on their requirements, and devices are made to order. In this way, each customer can use its Zebra device safely and securely in each specific hazardous area of its business.

…but standardised platforms

Indeed, BARTEC counts many of the world’s oil and gas industry leaders, as well as an extensive list of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, timber mills and food processing companies, among its clients. These clients often work with Zebra Technologies devices in the non-hazardous areas of their business; being able to deploy the same or similar EX Zebra models running the same software across the hazardous areas of its business, too, has obvious benefits, such as:

  • Ease of integration

  • Ease of deployment

  • Ease of management

  • Ease of usability

  • Increase in worker productivity

  • Increase in worker efficiency

Mirko Lampe summarises: “Many companies working in hazardous environments, where explosions are a constant risk, have traditionally worked with pen and paper, as they thought that was the only really safe way of conducting business. However, we can supply customers with exactly the right, intrinsically safe mobile device for their environment, to significantly increase operational efficiency, maximise productivity and ensure accuracy and data visibility, all whilst staying fully secure.”

To learn more about how one of BARTEC’s clients is reaping the benefits of its enterprise mobility solution by deploying BARTEC intrinsically safe Zebra devices at its potentially hazardous sites, please visit the success story. Or visit BARTEC and contact us to find out more.

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