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Introducing ‘One Store’ – A New Focus for Retail

Posted by Paul Milner

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May 14, 2015 at 9:09 AM


In this post we’re introducing you to ‘One Store’, our customer-centric approach to omni-channel retail. It provides organisations with a path to success in today’s complex retail landscape.

One hundred years ago bricks and mortar was all retailers had to think about. Success was simple; it came from selling the right products to local customers – and delivering a personalised service from a convenient location. 

Now retailers have several channels to manage, and each brings its own unique challenges. The convenient way for organisations to manage these channels is in isolation, optimising big stores, small stores and ecommerce separately. Unfortunately, this has an impact on the customer – who expects to have the same experience of a retail brand, irrespective of how they choose to shop.

Responding to this expectation, the industry talks about ‘Omni-channel’ and ‘Unified Commerce’. These terms aim to communicate that consistency of experience across channels is the key to success. But both are written from the retailer’s perspective.


At Zebra Technologies, we believe that retail success comes from focusing on the customer. That means approaching the challenge from a customer’s perspective, and the important realisation is that customers don’t talk about commerce, and they don’t see channels – they see One Store. That’s also what they expect to experience.

There are steps that we believe retailers can take in order to meet this expectation, and they cover five key areas:

  • Store Mobility is about empowering staff with mobile devices to make operations more efficient through improved stock visibility and communication.
  • Delivery has changed dramatically. To meet same-day expectations retailers needto make use of all the stock and every location they have available to them.
  • Loyalty schemes are easier than ever to create, but it’s harder than ever to make them work – personalisation is the key to success.
  • Brand Experience has more components than ever before, success lies in maintaining consistency between physical and online customer experiences.
  • Big Data connects it all, but it is the insight, not the information that is valuableto retailers, and that takes hard work.

That’s where Zebra Technologies come from in store solutions to flawless omni-channel fulfilment; facilitating mobility, connectivity, information accuracy and customer insight discovery across the organisation.

Watch the overview video to hear from the One Store experts.

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