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New Success Story: Implementing the Zatar Time Tracking Solution in LUMC

Posted by Zebra EMEA

December 1, 2015 at 6:13 AM


The latest success story from Zebra Technologies looks into the Zatar Time Tracking solution that has been implemented in one of Europe’s top hospitals to provide real-time monitoring of critical patients.

The Leiden University, also known as LUMC, is based in the Netherlands. It was formed in 1996 through the collaboration between the university and the local teaching hospital that, at the time, was a centre for education of the medical professions. After extensive years at the forefront of medical research, LUMC has gained a reputation for world-class healthcare in conjunction with high level, quality treatment of its patient’s. 

LUMC identified serious challenges within their Myocardial Infarction unit which they needed to address to be truly effective in providing first-rate critical care. When a patient suffers from an Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI), hospitals in the Netherlands strive to move the patient from the hospital entrance to the catheterisation lab in 90 minutes or less. This leaves very little time for error and in high pressure situations, it is hard for hospital staff to keep an accurate trail of this time frame.

Leiden University needed to implement a system that could enable swift processes and accurate time tracking. Their previous process involved handwritten notes from hospital staff which were then used to understand the stage of each patient. However, mistakes often occurred due to human error and in more than half of the cases at LUMC, the time intervals were not recorded. With the priorities of the medical team lying with the individuals in their care, LUMC wanted to take away ineffective form filling tasks and allow their staff to focus on the needs of patients instead.

Zebra's Zatar Time Tracking Solution offered LUMC an automated, non-invasive method of tracking patient times from door to balloon. The system now allows the University to ensure it always complies with the 90-minute standard, has access to the crucial insight required to improve hospital processes and frees hospital staff to concentrate on patient care.

Our latest success story with LUMC looks in detail at how this time tracking solution was implemented into the hospital. It reveals the incredible results LMUC has witnessed as a result and takes a look at how the system works to provide hospitals with an accurate, easy-to-use time tracking solution.


To download the success story and discover how Zebra’s time Zatar Tracking Solution could improve your hospital processes click here or the button below:

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